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A Brief Note on Earnings Yields

I debated briefly (between my ears) how to present this data.  I settled on this method, because if you want to play with it you can do so without too much trouble. Here are the earnings yields, dividend yields, and payout ratios (what percentage of trailing 12-month earnings have been paid out as dividends) by […]

Sorted Weekly Tweets

  China   China’s first bond default could be good market medicine Bond trader: “We don’t really have a credit risk culture.” $$ Mar 31, 2012 Is China’s slowdown worse than previously estimated? Could b business conditions that are worst since 2009. $$ Mar 31, 2012 China Banks Said to Underestimate Local Government […]

Replacing Defined Contributions

I think that it is pretty certain that defined contribution [DC] plans 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, much as they have grown to be dominant, have been a failure.  Many, though not all people like the illusion of control, and seeing their cash balance — makes the pension plan tangible, even if they don’t get what they […]

Sorted Weekly Tweets

Central Banking   Been using FRED since it was a bulletin board in 1991. Great job, FRED team! Mar 24, 2012 The Villain On Bernanke, the man who expanded the power of the Fed far beyond constitutional limits, if there r any $$ Mar 24, 2012 Bernanke Sees Need for Higher Household Spending […]