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US Economy


  • How the Government Lies About the Real Inflation Rate I agree inf is understated, but by 1-2%, not 6-8%/yr $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Tax Hunt Pushes Global Wealthy Into Offshore Trusts for Children in US Many clever ways 2cheat the taxman #thinkahead Mar 07, 2012
  • How Much Do Income Taxes Affect Our Behavior? Answer: not much, but people favor lower marginal tax rates anyway $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • On Politics, Social Security and Spine @brucekrasting on the Disability Income Trust & what it implies 4 politics $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • Why Young People Might (Eventually) Like to Buy a House On the low end, this makes sense at present. $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Getting Ready to Buy a House Megan McArdle notes how low down payments r still prevalent; system not clean @ present $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Warren Buffett vs. the profiteers of doom Unless the US fails in entire, Buffett will be right & the scaremongers wrong Mar 06, 2012
  • NACM credit managers’ index trade credit increase Businesses r more confident in extending credit; coincident indicator Mar 04, 2012
  • @DavidSchawel Then they are having materially better performance than the FHA; I still think housing prices have further to fall on hi end Mar 04, 2012
  • Your Share of Fannie, Freddie Losses: $1,300 Even considering what they are paying the US in dividends, they lose. $$ Mar 03, 2012


Federal Reserve

  • @GonzaloLiraSPG Borrow, not print. Fed becomes huge hedge fund 2 arb risky debt spreads. Not in favor of this, but it is happening in small Mar 09, 2012
  • Thought experiment: What would happen if the Fed borrowed enough money to buy up all of the MBS, CMBS, ABS, Agys, Corps, Munis, etc? $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • What the Fed is Considering Doing in Layman’s Terms Levering up, taking more risk in an effort to reduce long yields $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Bernanke Seen Accepting Faster Inflation as Fed Seeks to Boost Employment Fed is asymmetric, only fights unemployment Mar 08, 2012
  • NY Fed never buys the on-the-run and near the run nominal bonds, does the opposite for TIPS, pushes up implied CPI $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • Fed’s Money Monopoly Endangers Liberty and Peace Unsound money encourage governments 2b graspy & warlike $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • Central bank policy driving corporate spreads When the Fed offers cheap financing, risk asset flourish $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Woodlands congressman battling Federal Reserve’s power Inflation only, expand role of Regional Feds; Fisher likes it $$ Mar 04, 2012
  • The eventual unwinding of QE: why it’s ignored and what it could mean The Fed will be reluctant 2 shrink the Bal Sht $$ Mar 03, 2012




  • Draghi Lays Groundwork for ECB Stimulus Exit as Inflation Takes Spotlight So u can’t get inflation thru debt growth? Mar 09, 2012
  • Bond And CDS Arbitrage Opportunities? Sov CDS “cheap” 2 bonds b/c of a lack of trust in the default trigger $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Portugal. Boo! Mar 09, 2012
  • Draghi Headache: Inflation Heating Up in Europe Draghi raised the 2012 forecasts for inflation to 2.1%-2.7% $$ Mar 08, 2012
  • Rift Grows Between Germany’s Bundesbank and ECB Wise Buba will take pain where ECB wil not. Follow this it will destroy Mar 08, 2012
  • Goldman’s Secret Greece Loan Reveals Sinners When u conspire 2b shady, u work w/the shady, who will cheat u2 $GS $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • French-German Border Shapes More Than Territory Culture matters. Policy matters. Similar people yield different results Mar 06, 2012
  • Everyone Loves Mario Draghi is popular at present, but this will not end well, b/c bank dependence on the ECB will tell Mar 04, 2012
  • The optimistic view of Europe Rogoff argues that these are the birth pangs of the USE: the United States of Europe $$ Mar 04, 2012
  • IMF Set to Curb Funds for Greece IMF has 2 much exposure to EZ-fringe; could it b global system hit peak debt? $$ Mar 04, 2012




  • An interesting model of asset bubbles Follows the debt-fueled model of asset bubbles, with momentum tossed in $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Model Thinking Notes I from Stanford Class Those applying models to political questions predict better than others $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Investors Crave a Taste of the Island Amazing how reducing deficits and cleaning up finances can bring growth $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Cicero quote of the week The budget should b balanced, the Treasury should b refilled, public debt should b reduced… Mar 08, 2012
  • Kindleberger’s Universal Bubble and Crash Scenario We are overindebted, should we be surprised that we face a crisis? Mar 08, 2012
  • After 3 years, we’re all hooked on free money Low base rates are creating a new kind of inflation, sad but true $$ Mar 08, 2012




  • Contra: China Inflation May Provide Room for Stimulus That is, if you can believe the Chinese inflation statistics $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Asian banks may b bust; tiger still bites Economic consultancy Lombard Street warned China is financial house of cards Mar 08, 2012
  • According to Credit Suisse, the global commodity demand has peaked China cannot increase its demand further $$ Mar 08, 2012
  • China Life Discount Swells on World Growth Woes I still don’t get China Life and its business model; avoid b careful Mar 08, 2012
  • China needs to enhance ability to win ‘local wars’, Premier says Dominance of the South China Sea is desired $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • China’s State of the Union China has fewer options by the day. GDP is shrinking because much production is worthless $$ Mar 04, 2012
  • +1 $$ RT @The_Analyst: @AlephBlog ha, newsflash: people whose livlihood depends on strong real estate market say market is strong… Mar 04, 2012
  • End of The World not nigh, say developers A lot of cross-currents in Chinese property markets, suspect trouble $$ Mar 04, 2012
  • China’s Politics in Rare Bloom A rare season where the hidden politics of China become publicly visible $$ Mar 04, 2012




  • ‘Internet-in-a-Suitcase’: The Web Technology That Wants You to Be Free Not live yet, but coming 2a revolution near u Mar 09, 2012
  • Wal-Mart Therapy Tried as Pentagon Copes With Traumatized Troops long $WMT | PTSD? Trips 2 WMT may help, really. $$ Mar 08, 2012
  • US public schools sell empty classroom seats abroad Solves a tough problem 4 rural districts w/falling enrollment $$ Mar 08, 2012
  • US Top Destination for Christian, Buddhist Immigrants, Study Says Interesting commentary on religion & migration $$ Mar 08, 2012
  • The Confucius quote is a lot like Hillel’s “Do not do unto others what you would not hav… Mar 07, 2012
  • RE: @dcrothers This is too important to be left to preschools only. Mothers and fathers must take an active role in t… Mar 06, 2012




  • Insurers to re-examine risk, capital structure in 2012 – PwC Low ins co valuations begets low interest for M&A $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Contra: Apollo Wants to ‘Be the New Bank’ in 2012, Co-Founder Rowan Says Might work in short-run; dangerous idea $$ Mar 09, 2012
  • Tactical asset allocation — Another ripoff During bear markets, TAA gains temporary cache as market timing $$ Mar 08, 2012
  • Think Twice, Even Thrice, Before Trading Most of the time, trading leads to losses, people like the illusion of control Mar 08, 2012
  • Trade to improve your portfolio Features thoughts of those who agree. When will average people listen to the good guys? Mar 08, 2012
  • The mystery of the vanishing stock trader Volume is disappearing in Canada. That’s probably healthy; buy Canada $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • @CflGator My simple solution to all of that is that only hedgers may initiate trades, speculators may not trade with speculators. $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • Contra: Managed money goes LONG oil In mid-2008, there weren’t as many speculative longs & the price was far higher $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • Companies Float Up to $20 Billion in Bonds If that much is getting digested easily, maybe the corp rally continues Mar 07, 2012
  • @lcsonka39 @hedgefundinvest I did use the words “if” and “maybe.” I am far enough away that I’m not sure, but I have been through that b4 $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • US Insurers Face $2 Billion in Claims From Tornadoes, Risk Modeler Says I would expect a rough weather year $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • IBM’s Watson Computer Gets Wall Street Job Bloodless. Soulless. Brilliant. Ultimate Risk Manager or Disaster Creator Mar 07, 2012
  • Judge: Jefferson County Chapter 9 Case Can Continue Remember Ch 9 only gives breathing room, Empee benes relief $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Do You Need to Buy Big Oil Stocks? Arends: As fuel prices soar (again), it may make sense to invest where you spend Mar 06, 2012
  • How To Make Financial Content Funny takes from @reformedbroker on how various news organizations write their copy $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Demographic trends will depress portfolio returns, this researcher warns Arnott makes u look at the real economy $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Stocks Cheaper Than Any U.S. Peak in 23 Years Key Q: what will profit margins do? Only will 2 use capital is scarce Mar 06, 2012
  • Milwaukee’s Home-Grown Managers Shun Fads My hometown. People there are rational and not given to fads. $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Dan Zwirn, the Man Who Fell to Earth Grew hedge fund fast, inadequate operational support, scandal, business dies $$ Mar 04, 2012


International (rest of the world)


  • One Year Later, Japan City Sees Light—in a Long Tunnel Too much $$ being tossed at too few people in short-run Mar 09, 2012
  • Australian vs Canadian property Argues that Canada is in trouble, Australia in worse shape but a better economy for now Mar 07, 2012
  • Faros Trading: Yen to Weaken & Idea that the yen may weaken is gaining traction $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • Canadian envoy to Iceland sparks loonie controversy Hey, I would link to the loonie if I could, smart idea $$ Mar 06, 2012
  • BRIC Investors Losing as Statists Forgo Earnings Worrisome trend, but political influence on firms tends 2b cyclical Mar 04, 2012
  • Why Japan Is Looking Good Argues that QE weakens the yen, leading to better corp performance of f low valuation $$ Mar 04, 2012
  • London Is Eating New York’s Lunch London has a greater share of international transactions; New York too regulated $$ Mar 04, 2012




  • Romney campaign says losing nomination would take ‘act of God’ Whom God would destroy, he first makes proud #hubris $$ Mar 07, 2012
  • Paralyzed Kids Employ Florida Lobbyists With Millions at Stake When there r damage caps, pleading 4 special exceptions Mar 07, 2012
  • Hoping for a deadlocked convention that turns to Huckabee, or someone like him Mar 03, 2012
  • @Nonrelatedsense I do not trust Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. They change positions too easily. I may not like everything about Huckabee+ Mar 04, 2012
  • @Nonrelatedsense or Ron Paul, but they don’t shift their views as much. Huckabee would be acceptable to both wings of the GOP. $$ Mar 04, 2012