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  • “When women stay home and they raise their kids & maintain the household, it is a job. It’s a job of love.” #wellsaid Apr 13, 2012
  • @historysquared Have not seen anything definitive on that, but production from fracking decays faster than conventional production. $$ Apr 13, 2012
  • 10 Things I Hate About Tax Day “There is absolutely no defense for it – none – & yet it persists, year after year.” Apr 11, 2012
  • @TimABRussell It varies. Most of the books I review are within a year of (re)publication. Some are as old as the 1960s. >95% last 10 yrs $$ Apr 09, 2012
  • So, you did an article ghostwritten by Robert Berman, Cinium’s CEO? Lovely. He gets around. But what does Smartmo… Apr 09, 2012
  • Voices: Phil Cioppa, On Hiring Advisers Most sales positions have high turnover, particularly w/intangible products Apr 11, 2012
  • McDonald’s Pursuit of Perfect Fries Risks Overpromising Harder 2 assure consistent quality if $MCD locally sources $$ Apr 09, 2012




  • Agree that America declines, but China also RT @historysquared: Historian warns of sudden collapse of American ‘empire’ Apr 13, 2012
  • Shadow Banks on Trial as China’s Rich Sister Faces Death It is morally wrong to put someone 2 death 4a property crime Apr 11, 2012
  • Is China slowing down? From the AEI, very clueless piece: China should raise its exchange rate & lower the central rate Apr 11, 2012
  • Hong Kong’s Tsang ‘Highly Concerned’ About Property Price Bubble Devel Nations monetary policy fuels many bubbles $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • ‘Jackie Kennedy of China’ at Center of Political Drama The politics of China r dirtier than the US & more secretive Apr 10, 2012
  • China Inflation Exceeds Forecast Too little attention paid here; too much confidence in Chinese central bankers $$ Apr 09, 2012
  • @valuewalk Yes, saw it and the followup bet. I owe a decent amount of my intl economics thinking to Pettis, but not my errors ;) $$ Apr 09, 2012
  • The ways China can rebalance Michael Pettis on the constraints the China faces as it tries 2 rebalance its economy $$ Apr 09, 2012




  • +1 RT @The_Analyst: I feel like unless its a special situation, everyone who “gets” newspapers would never make a LT investment in them Apr 12, 2012
  • Buffett “didn’t get tech.” I don’t get newspapers. $$ RT @WSJDealJournal: Warren Buffett Building Newspaper Empire? Apr 12, 2012
  • I don’t get the economics of the newspaper biz $$ RT @WSJDealJournal: Warren Buffett Building Newspaper Empire? Apr 12, 2012


Electronic Bond Markets


  • BlackRock’s Street Shortcut Would work better 4 stocks than bonds. Most bonds r held a long time & do not trade $$ Apr 12, 2012
  • If the buyside created their own internal stock exchange, they could reduce the effect of the HFTs on the market & make life harder 4 retail Apr 12, 2012
  • But an internal bond exchange as proposed by $BLK won’t do that much, institutional transaction costs aren’t that hi 4 commonly traded bonds Apr 12, 2012
  • When I was a bond mgr 1998-2003, aside from obscure & illiquid bonds my commissions were $1/32nd or $1/64th per $100 — 1-3 basis points $$ Apr 12, 2012
  • @TFMkts So I would ask you, have comm rates 4 bonds gone up since 2002? My normal trade size back then was $5-20Mil, comms 1-3 bps then $$ Apr 12, 2012
  • @TFMkts Most bonds don’t trade, though. When I was a bond mgr, I needed guys who could find bonds. Always paid them; never let them cross2me Apr 12, 2012


Delta Airlines


  • It is usually a bad sign when a company can’t manage its current business well, & it tries to enter a difficult unrelated business. $DAL $$ Apr 11, 2012
  • Best quote: “Edward Hirs…says he can think of one reason why Delta would try to get into the refining business: ‘because they’re stupid.’” Apr 11, 2012
  • Why Buying A Refinery Could Be A Disaster For Delta Air Lines (Even With JPMorgan’s Help) & $$ Apr 11, 2012


Rest of the World


  • Qatari Bright Lights Prompt EU’s Hedegaard to Urge Climate Plan Another reason why multilateralism doesn’t work. $$ Apr 12, 2012
  • Kenyans Almost Dead on Worst Roads Getting New Highways Next time u r stuck in traffic b thankful u r not in Kenya $$ Apr 11, 2012
  • These Charts Point to Trouble for Australia Housing bubble, co-dependent relationship w/China, & large pool of hot $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • It’s rich 2c Dilma Rousseff criticizing Obama. But Brazil is further down the line in the devel nations game of monetary crack-the-whip $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • Rousseff Tells Obama Rich Nations’ Policies Harm Growth Devel nations force emerg nations 2 swallow loose $$ policy Apr 10, 2012
  • Bank of Canada stressed about housing Nothing like a debt financed housing bubble 2 make a central banker flinch $$ Apr 09, 2012




  • Good Jobs News: More People Are Quitting The job market is more healthy if people are quitting to take other jobs. Apr 12, 2012
  • Obama’s Fantasy Budget Suggests Tax Hike Surprise Obama would likely b more radical in a 2nd term #nothing2lose $$ Apr 11, 2012
  • Tax Breaks for Wealthy Should Be Cut, Paul Ryan Says “focus our poverty-eradication policies on treating root causes” Apr 11, 2012
  • @DavidSchawel I don’t think the paper changes my main point, it will be very difficult for the Fed to remove “stimulus.” Apr 11, 2012
  • Bernanke Gives College Lecture Series High Marks H/L overstates: “I was very happy with the lectures,” he said. $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • The Fed sold half its short-term notes via Operation Twist Will have no short assets if the pace continues 4 6 mos $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • Job Gains in US Trail Most-Pessimistic Forecasts People asked me y I was more pessimistic than most, well… $$ Apr 08, 2012


Asset Markets


  • Does “Sell in May” Really Work? Reality is more complex than adages. The rule should be sell September, buy November $$ Apr 12, 2012
  • Gunning for yield and “quality” leaves little room for error High quality junk does not offer enough yield 4 risks $$ Apr 12, 2012
  • High-Yield Bond ETF Breaks March Low I sold a lot of my credit-sensitive bond investments today. Market feels weak $$ Apr 11, 2012
  • @munilass @carney High earned & discount rate assumptions did lower contributions by assuming investment earnings would carry the load $$ + Apr 10, 2012
  • @munilass @carney & many municipalities substituted benefit increases 4 salary increases, b/c no immed $$ effect; many factors in play here Apr 10, 2012
  • Flouting Risks, Investors Gorge on Fat Yields of Emerging Market Debt Will eventually end badly; Russia 1998 $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • Retweet after me. I HATE HFT TRADING BOTS ;) RT @merrillmatter: Repeat after me. I HATE HFT TRADING BOTS $$ Apr 09, 2012
  • How to Improve the Potential of Less Volatile Stocks Adding a quality screen further improves returns & risk/vol $$ Apr 09, 2012
  • A Laugh @brucekrasting suggests that clearinghouses will concentrate risk rather than dissipating it. $$ #nomagic Apr 08, 2012
  • The Dividend-Fund Dilemma I buy dividend-paying stocks because they generate good cash flows, not for the dividend. Apr 08, 2012




  • Much $$ stuck overseas MT @ThemisSal: Just 5 companies, $AAPL, $MSFT, $CSCO, $GOOG and $PFE now hold nearly 25% of all corporate cash, $250B Apr 09, 2012
  • Yeh, like dat. 2 much $$ chasing 2 little value RT @The_Analyst: @AlephBlog another brilliant cerberus deal like chrysler, gmac? Apr 09, 2012
  • AT&T to Sell Majority of Yellow Pages Business to Cerberus Cigar butt industry; internet changes everything published Apr 09, 2012
  • Both MT @ktbenner: who’s overpaying now: The Zuck or Steve Feinberg… @Pfro: $T sells Yellow Pages 4 ~$1bn 2 Cerberus Apr 09, 2012
  • $AOL to Sell Patents to $MSFT 4 $1.1B Too much $$ chases a legal arms race in Infotech Intellectual property #waste Apr 09, 2012
  • @ReformedBroker I didn’t know Instagram that well, but they don’t seem to have a revenue model. What could $FB do with it? $$ Apr 09, 2012




  • RE: @marketfolly He compares AIG to P&C companies,  but the life companies are a valuation drag here.  Not a fair com… Apr 12, 2012
  • Property insurance rates rising worldwide – Marsh When surplus is reduced at (re)insurers, premium rates rise $$ Apr 11, 2012
  • Statutory Statements under Affiliated party transactions. Regulators would b annoyed if terms indicate transaction that’s not “arm’s-length” Apr 10, 2012
  • A Costly Toy Subsidized by Others If Guggenheim is using its insurers 2 fund Dodgers purchase, will show up in + $$ Apr 10, 2012




  • Spain’s spreads breaking away from other risk indicators “we r in an uncharted territory with respect to this widening” Apr 11, 2012
  • Has bad implications for EZ sustainability $$ RT @pdacosta: Who’s peripheral now? French economy grinds to a halt Apr 10, 2012
  • Currency disunion Why Europe’s leaders should think the unthinkable; EZ can breakup on own terms, or unfavorable terms Apr 09, 2012
  • Eurozone’s banks cutting dollar businesses European banks will never again rely hard on US MMFs to finance their $$ ops Apr 09, 2012
  • Euro Was Flawed at Birth and Should Break Apart Now All the things that I predicted have come true & more. Bye, Euro. Apr 08, 2012




  • Wind Power Seen Surging as Custom Barges Cut Set-up Costs Don’t see how this makes the cost of wind power economic $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • For Feds, ‘Lying’ Is a Handy Charge Law in the US becomes more arbitrary; crimes can b dreamed up by bureaucrats $$ Apr 10, 2012
  • Complexity Is Bad for Your Health Antonin Scalia & Stephen Breyer agree (!): Obama’s health care law unreadable $$ Apr 09, 2012
  • High-Speed Rail Takes Californians 4 a Ride Rail makes sense in densely populated areas, won’t work in California $$ Apr 09, 2012


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