A Visit from the Governor

Since coming back to work in Baltimore in 2007, I’ve tried to be more active in the Baltimore CFA Society.  That has taken on a number of different forms:

But now the program season ends with a bang, with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.  What questions would you ask the Governor of one of the bluest states in the US, one that has the advantage of living next door to the money vortex known as Washington, DC?  It’s not as if there aren’t any problems:

  • We face a significant budget deficit, and the most likely solution is a special session of the legislature that raises taxes, when taxes are already high.
  • The government pension funds are significantly underfunded, and don’t ask about government retiree healthcare…
  • Maryland (outside of Montgomery County, and maybe Howard and Baltimore Counties [note to non-Marylanders, Baltimore City is a county, and is different from Baltimore County which is kind of a ring around Baltimore City.]) isn’t the best place to run a public corporation.  Taxes and regulations are high, and it is not a right-to-work state.

That said, aside from proximity to DC, Maryland has a number of things going for it:

  • An educated workforce
  • The biotechnology industry, aided by the NIH & Johns Hopkins
  • The REIT and Hotel industries have a large presence here

So, if you want to, and can make it, there are a limited number of seats to come and hear Martin O’Malley speak.  Please come.  If you can’t come, and you would have a question for the Governor, list it in the comments below.  I will take the best question, and ask the Governor that.

Following this is the press release for our meeting:

 Center Club

100 Light Street, Baltimore, MD

16th Floor, Harbor Room


Press Release

Contact: Niall O’Malley

Phone: (443)600-8050

Email: niall.omalley@bluepointim.us

Registration questions email (link below):  info@baltimorecfasociety.org



9 PM ET, April 26, 2012

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley Speaks to the Baltimore CFA Society: Maryland’s Jobs, Economy, and Innovation

Baltimore, MD, April 26, 2012:  In a time when the economy is under stress and the economies of many states are depressed, Martin O’Malley, Governor of Maryland, comes to speak to the Baltimore CFA Society at Noon on May 3rd, on Maryland’s Jobs, Economy and Innovation.  The meeting will be at the Center Club in Downtown Baltimore.


Though seating is limited, the event is open to the public and registration is available at this web address: Register & Pay.   Check-in starts at 11:45 AM.


In particular, Governor O’Malley will discuss the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in strengthening Maryland’s economy. Financial services play a key role in Maryland’s economy. How will the Invest MD program build on recent success?


Join us for a lively talk and discussion with the current Governor of the great State of Maryland.



The Baltimore CFA Society was founded in 1948.  Its mission is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, networking and professional development while adhering to a Code of Ethical Standards.  The Baltimore CFA Society has promoted Baltimore and Maryland businesses through the Baltimore Business Review (www.baltimorebusinessreview.org).  The society’s diverse membership represents over 600 financial service professionals from across the State of Maryland.