Getting Crowded

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It took me a while to come over to the views of Lacy Hunt, Van Hoisington, and Gary Shilling, but with the addition of Bill Gross, Mizuho Securities, and Jason Zweig, I am beginning to feel crowded.  When abnormal theories begin to get embraced I get concerned that the cycle is changing and that the theory will fail because more people believe it.  In the short-run, it means the long end of the yield curve will rally, in the long run, macroeconomic forces will dominate.

Will long rates continue to fall?  Probably.  Will they stay low?   They might stay low for a few years, but if the US government takes actions that reduce regulation, the economy will grow, banks will lend, and rates will rise.  But if Obama is re-elected, regulations will increase, businesses will not grow, banks will have no reason to lend, and we will remain in this morass.

Note: I am planning on voting for a third party, I don’t care for Romney.  Romney would be far better for the economy than Obama, but economics does not figure into my voting; I look for the man who can best lead us ethically, and that is almost never the Republican or the Democrat.