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Forget Your Cost Basis

All good investment decision-making is forward looking.  Whether you are buying or selling, it doesn’t matter where prices have been in the past. Now, that said, price and volume charts may occasionally indicate where there is support or resistance.  That might be worthy of consideration in the short-run.  When I was an institutional bond manager, […]

On Life Insurance and Life Reinsurance

I get good questions from readers.  Here’s one from this post: Is there a reason why life reinsurance companies are better positioned then life insurers? Don’t they face the same problems that they won’t be able to generate as they roll their portfolios into lower yielding bonds going forward (since rates have come down so […]

Book Review: Visual Guide to Financial Markets

This is a good book and I recommend it to certain people.  Thus when you see the number of stars I give it at Amazon, know that for those whom the book is good, it is really good.  But there are some who will get less out of the book. The author, David Wilson, is […]

Sorted Weekly Tweets

  LIBOR   Six ways big banks screwed Grandma Poorly argued. It’s as if LIBOR could be manipulated without reaction. $$ Jul 28, 2012 Fidelity Joins BlackRock in Weighing Libor Action Against Banks This isn’t as easy as it seems; much 2 prove $$ Jul 26, 2012   Eurozone   Draghi Said to […]