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Innovations   30 Innovations That Will Change The World Fascinating list; bookmarking it because I don’t have time now $$ Aug 31, 2012 How ‘Oxygen Foam’ Can Save People Who Aren’t Breathing Injectable oxygen can keep people alive when lungs hav probs $$ Aug 31, 2012 Laser-Guided Bullets Will Change The Future Of […]

Book Review: The Crisis of Crowding

  I am going to say something that I rarely say: I am grateful that this book was written.  Why am I grateful? It highlights the idea that people, even really bright people, do not behave rationally, but imitatively — they follow recent price action — they mimic. It validates the concept of a “crowded […]

How Warren Buffett is Different from Most Investors, Part 1

There was an academic article published recently on the investing of Warren Buffett.  Afterward, I thought I saw a few articles reflecting on it, but here is the only one I see now: There’s Warren Buffett — and then there’s the rest of us. Buffett is different, because he grew as an investor and as a […]

Book Review: Bailout

What does Washington, DC care about more — people or corporations?  Do you have to ask? DC favors corporations, and all three branches of the government support this.  Both parties favor this.  Why is this so? The corporations, and those that own them are a more effective means of raising funds to maintain their hold […]

Sorted Weekly Tweets

Politics   Bernanke Letter Defends Fed Actions Hope the election brings enough change that we end up w/a fresh Fed Chairman $$ Aug 25, 2012 Private equity tax questions for Mitt Romney 1) Carried interest 2) Corporate interest deductions 3)Mgmt fee waivers $$ Aug 24, 2012 Sorry, Henry Blodget, You’re Wrong About Election […]