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  • ECB Collateral Moves Reopen ‘Soup Kitchen’ for Struggling Banks Euros available in exchange 4 marginal collateral $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • Jobless Greeks Resolved to Work Clean Toilets in Sweden Really a sad tale; another way of saying EZone has failed $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • Euro: Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck Axel Merk argues that current Eurozone troubles will create US Europe $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • Draghi Says Officials Agree on ECB Unlimited Bond-Buying The conditionality will eventually render it ineffective $$ Sep 06, 2012
  • Fears Rising, Spaniards Pull Out Their Cash and Get Out of Spain When times get tough, people leave. More in Spain $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • Perhaps the Irish economy is rebounding.  Maybe the banks are next? $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • Two Tears for Two-Tiers Will Mario Draghi really create an expensive market for <3yr Spanish & Italian debt? $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • ECB bond-buying would not breach rules-Draghi Of course not pooky. Buying the short debt will draw u2 long debt l8r $$ Sep 04, 2012




  • California Treasurer Backs Law to Ban Costly Long-Term Bo [sic] Capital Appreciation Bonds are expensive 2 issuers $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • We’re Not Out Of Money There may not be an economic limit on printing $$ but a political limit when inflation arrives Sep 05, 2012
  • Top Bank Lawyer’s EMails Show Washington’s Inside Game Former SEC Commissioner Annette Nazareth uses her influence $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • Suits Challenge Classrooms That Segregate Boys, Girls My brother ran a school for boys; much better than co-ed $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • Fed’s unemployment target is unrealistic Global labor competition will keep unemployment high, until exports get big $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • The Clinton Administration did not offer as much public debt, Social Security was running its largest… Sep 05, 2012
  • As I said with the Republican Convention, I am very glad that I don’t own a TV. I would rather consider the merits than emotional appeals $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • They grow so fast, treasure them while you can $$ RT @TheStalwart: The Obama daughters have aged a lot. Sep 05, 2012
  • A radical tax plan the left and right can agree on Cut corporate tax rates & eliminate all special preferences $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • If You Think Obama’s First Term Was Bad, Imagine a Second Same applies to Romney; we will have gridlock either way $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • Why Bernanke has become irrelevant Inflating financial assets also inflates financial liabilities &so it does little $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • Putin to Raise Government Retirement Age to 70 We should also. Y should young ppl subsidize oldsters who could work Sep 04, 2012
  • The Democrats’ Version of Mediscare Agreement btw Reps & Dems: cut medicare. The Q is how to do it? $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • Long term real rates in the US hit record lows Can you say “financial Repression,” boys & girls? I thought you could $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • Gloria Romero: Trials of a Democratic Reformer Unions (SEIU, CTA, the CA school employees) dominate $$ in Sacto $$ Sep 01, 2012
  • California Lawmakers Send Public-Pension Cutback to Brown First, prospective change, next retrospective on actives $$ Sep 01, 2012
  • The duopoly doesn’t like interlopers playing on their turf $$ RT @LaurenLaCapra: Why Is Gary Johnson Being Ignored? Sep 01, 2012

The Markets


  • Asset Allocation & Portfolio Management: Is the Industry Shifting to a New Paradigm? 2 complex; parameters unstable $$ Sep 08, 2012
  • Student Loans: Debt for Life With student loans not dischargable in bankruptcy many students end up debt-slaves $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • Commodities Beat Stocks, Bonds for Second Month in August Anticipated inflation (via TIPS) rising over last 2 months $$ Sep 03, 2012
  • Should You Wade In With a Windfall? A perpetual debate; best to decide on your asset allocation and invest $$ Sep 03, 2012
  • Are You Making Too Much Money? Cramer points out that when a strategy is working too well -> greater prob of blowup $$ Sep 01, 2012


Lenders, Insurers, and Housing


  • Hedge funds face autumn uncertainty Hard not to be uncertain when deficits are high, monetary policy loose, & EZone $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • With Lax Regulation, a Risky Industry Flourishes Offshore Bermuda reinsurers r better managed than largest US banks $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • Assessing Fannie’s Past and Future Sadly, ending the role of the US Govt in lending $$ is not a listed option. Sep 04, 2012
  • Home Prices Are Not Rebounding as Fast as You Think Market will have to digest a lot of dark supply, post-bottom $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • Breaking Up Banks Is Hard With Traders Hooked on Deposits WIll b made up reducing diseconomies of scale $$ #breakthem Sep 04, 2012
  • Bad headline: Nine Insurers Boast Gains On Facebook Positions Read the story: most insurers owning $FB lost $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • Big Banks Are Hazardous to U.S. Financial Health Implicit promise of US rescue allows large banks to finance cheap $$ Sep 03, 2012
  • Fighting financial complexity with simple rules? Limit leverage, interconnectedness, analyze risk-based liquidity $$ Sep 03, 2012
  • Ranking the Largest U.S. Banks: M&T No. 17 With a Bullet Look at how large the top 4 r relative to everyone else $$ Sep 03, 2012
  • Index points to new dawn for US housing There is a lot of dark supply to clear, but bottom has passed on low end $$ Sep 03, 2012
  • Melbourne Hasn’t Seen Worst of Housing Drop as Glut Builds I’m sure glut is temporary, “Contained” & banks r fine 😉 Sep 01, 2012




  • Shale Boom Cuts Gulf Oil Premium to 24-Year Low Whouda thunk oil production would increase in the US? $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • “Green energy ‘is a big area of unfulfilled promise,'” aka “crazy inefficient dreaming.” Send them to study physics $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • RE: Natural gas prices have fallen; that is most of the new energy produced. Little oil so gasoline prices stay high. Sep 03, 2012




  • Stanford researchers’ cooling glove ‘better than steroids’ & helps solve physiological mystery, too Muscles overheat $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • FBI vs. Google: The Legal Fight to Unlock Phones Interesting that $GOOG resists requests 4 smartphone passwords $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • Malware attacks on the rise Now coming to a handheld device near you. Try to decide on a ransom strategy early $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • Awkward Belly Dance for Groupon As if $GRPN doesn’t have enough troubles, two large founders back a competitor $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • China, Germany plan to settle more trade in yuan, euros Settling $$ doesn’t matter, where proceeds r invested matters Sep 03, 2012
  • The Federal Reserve: From Central Bank to Central Planner The more tasks we give to the Fed, the worse they do $$ Sep 03, 2012
  • You Can’t Trust Airport Security Security systems must balance risks of false positives vs missing positives $$ Sep 03, 2012


BloombergView Hypocrisy

  • You Pick: a Strong Recovery or an Accountable Fed? The Fed could b genuinely transparent & the economy prosperous $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • Republicans Must Choose: Less Debt or More Jobs? The 2r not related. Proceeds of debt do not lead2 hiring necessarily Sep 05, 2012
  • @bloombergview , master of the false dichotomy headline: Republicans Must Choose: Less Debt or More Jobs? $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • @bloombergview , master of the false dichotomy headline: “You Pick: a Strong Recovery or an Accountable Fed?” Sep 05, 2012




  • Big Firms a Drag on Pension Funds Returns at larger private equity funds have lagged their smaller brethren $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • Retirement security is a big problem — especially for the young The developed world lives in a fantasy re: retirement Sep 05, 2012
  • San Jose Cops Rush Disability Retirement Bids as Rules Tighten & I’ll bet the actuary never priced 100% disability $$ Sep 05, 2012



  • #FF @cabaum1 @HousingWire @journalistjosh @LizRappaport @CardiffGarcia @simonconstable @agnestcrane @WSJTheSource @maoxian @jsphctrl $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • #FF @footnoted @LSPollack @MattGoldstein26 @munilass @williamalden @JeffreyMatthews @PragCapitalist @neilbarofsky @MKTWBurton @petereavis $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • @lv_1 I’m doing 1 of these per day listing my favorite tweeps, some of which are lesser known; last group is mostly economics Sep 06, 2012
  • It’s not Friday, but please follow: @GonzaloLiraSPG @rajivatbarnard @John_Hempton @SoberLook @groditi @unstructuredfin @historysquared $$ Sep 06, 2012
  • It’s not Friday but please follow: @finemrespice @prchovanec @vshih2 @BoydRoddy @dpinsen @niubi @manualofideas @wesbury @merrillmatter $$ Sep 03, 2012



  • A permanent problem in a dynamic language $$ RT @BloombergView: These are sad times for grammatical purists | Sep 07, 2012
  • RT @DennisDMZ: Obama thanked Biden for being “the best VP I could have hoped for.” Proof that America really has become the land of dimi … Sep 07, 2012
  • Their headlines mislead more than most RT @LaurenLaCapra: This Bloomberg headline is not only weird, but questionable. Sep 05, 2012
  • Worth a read $$ RT @TheStalwart: This strikes me as an interesting contribution to the profit margins debate. Sep 05, 2012
  • RT @PlanMaestro: Very good takedown of Taibbi’s Bain Capital piece. There is a story in there just not this one @da … Sep 05, 2012
  • Oops $$ RT @SecurityTube: [News] BitCoin Exchange Loses $250,0000 [sic] After Unencrypted Keys Stolen Sep 05, 2012
  • How many divisions does Draghi have? MT @TheStalwart: The Most Powerful Man In The World Is Going To Speak Tomorrow. So Is Barack Obama $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • Also worth a look $$ RT @_TPR: One of my favorite tables: Shadow Banking Depositors. The plumbing. Sep 05, 2012
  • Worth a look $$ RT @_TPR: Another: Credit-Maturity Transformation Spectrum Sep 05, 2012
  • RT @NickTimiraos: CoreLogic index shows that home prices are now 1.3% above Jan 2009 level. Down 0.7% from June 2010 (tax credit induced … Sep 04, 2012
  • RT @TheStalwart: RT @conorsen: @TheStalwart @diana_olick You should probably have

an auto-RT app for Diana’s stuff. Sep 04, 2012

  • RT @ReformedBroker: As the politicians descend on Charlotte, Carolinians come face to face with more pork than they’ve ever pulled. #DNC2012 Sep 04, 2012
  • Good one, made me smile. $$ RT @pdacosta: This euro crisis thing is really Draghing out. Sep 03, 2012
  • My but Congress was farsighted to recognize a banking benchmark & celebrate! $$ RT @ReformedBroker: HAPPY LIBOR DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 03, 2012
  • RT @mbusigin: You know what’s going to happen? People going to pile into Risk Parity strategies just in time for yield volatility modera … Sep 01, 2012
  • RT @simonconstable: “@Mctaguej: Connaughton is a loyal Democrat–but he pulls no punches in his expose of Obama’s failure to pursue Wall … Sep 01, 2012
  • RT @Convertbond: Thought we had an aging population Ben Bernanke? How many jobs have been lost because 150 mln baby boomers are earning … Sep 01, 2012



  • @BradErvin1 Fair point; we have skills mismatch here as well, & income differences among regions; not as pronounced though, adjusts better Sep 08, 2012
  • @crampell My son thanks you for that article. He runs and the trainers ice him down after practice; going to show it to his coach Sep 07, 2012
  • @ToshibaEric Thanks 4 replying. Talked to 10 people @ Toshiba before I got someone to send me a free mailing box for repairs ~ 2 hours $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • @toshiba also aggravating sitting on hold, getting dropped three times, and representatives hiding behind the legalese Sep 07, 2012
  • @toshiba Really aggravating dealing with your phone support for a new computer that fails on day one, and you do not offer replacement $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • ‘ @Fullcarry It’s kind of like the “pop” that happens when a distressed credit does an equity offering in order to survive. $$ Sep 07, 2012
  • @niubi Perhaps because that would be blocked. China does not want people 2know how much diverse information 2which they do not have access Sep 07, 2012
  • @credittrader The cash he receives will be used to collateralize an account invested in stock index futures $$ 😉 #nevercashonsidelines Sep 05, 2012
  • @moorehn Could we pass a law that all politicians have to write their own speeches, so that they say is more likely what they really think? Sep 05, 2012
  • @_TPR Okay, so I have missed something. I trust Bermuda; I do not trust Ireland as a regulator. Who has moved? $$ Sep 05, 2012
  • @finemrespice Some technological breakthroughs e.g., but no 1 mentions costs. Technical efficiency <> Econ progress $$ Sep 04, 2012
  • I just left a comment in “How Pimco’s Gross beats the average bond fund – Mutual Understanding – MarketWatch” Sep 04, 2012
  • We need a new misery index that includes the future pain of present borrowing. At least Carter kept… Sep 04, 2012
  • 2, 4, and 6 are not myths. The others are. There are limits to what the government can do. They must tax or… Sep 04, 2012
  • Alas, modern worship, odious to God. Bring back a cappella singing of Psalms, like the ancient church.  Also, giving … Sep 04, 2012
  • It is rational for lower-level German politicians to say Greece must leave the Euro. It is what an average German be… Sep 04, 2012