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  • . @paulnovell It will be public in a few days — they e-mail it out to friends & clients b4 posting it here: $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • Prior tweets courtesy of Van R. Hoisington & Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D. Whole thing will be posted here in a few days $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • @wanderinggull Which? I don’t know. What was meant to produce “ever closer union” seems to be producing the opposite. Nobel = Pollyanna Oct 12, 2012
  • Until the excessive debt issues r addressed, the multiyear trend in inflation, & thus the long Treasury bond yields will remain downward $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • “During all of the Fed actions since 2008 the velocity of money has plummeted and now stands at a five decade low” Hoisington & Hunt Oct 12, 2012
  • A jump in daily essentials has a more profound negative impact on living standards in economies with lower levels of real per capita income. Oct 12, 2012
  • How the Fed expects economic traction from higher stock prices when rising commodity prices r curtailing real income & spending is puzzling Oct 12, 2012
  • These three studies show that the impact of wealth on spending is miniscule—indeed, “nearly not observable.” Hoisington Oct 12, 2012
  • “Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and other Fed advocates believe the “wealth effect” of QE3 will bring life to the economy.” Hoisington Oct 12, 2012
  • Prior Tweet a quotes Hoisington & “unintended consequence of these Federal Reserve actions, however, is to actually slow economic activity” Oct 12, 2012
  • QE3 is a tacit admission by the Fed that earlier efforts failed, but this action will also fail to bring about stronger economic growth. $$ Oct 12, 2012


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  • #FF @japhychron @danprimack @treehcapital @insidermonkey @vitaliyk @herbgreenberg @tracyalloway @nancefinance @marykissel @diana_olick $$ Oct 13, 2012
  • Please follow Cato Scholar and JHU professor that I learned a lot from: @steve_hanke Oct 10, 2012


Market Dynamics


  • As an aside, there’s kind of a rule of thumb for Bermuda insurers on buybacks: >1.3x tangible book: special dividends. <1.3x TB buybacks $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • The Buyback Epidemic @reformedbroker notes that buybacks make less sense, the higher valuations get. I concur $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • New Regime @reformedbroker notes a sea change in the markets. I’ve been heading that way; still thinking about it $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • CNBC: Jim Rogers vs. Marc Faber (FULL) 10/04/2012 Faber & Rogers on the same segment? What a hoot! $$ $GLD $SPY $TLT Oct 12, 2012
  • Bubble-Era Financing Returns as Profits Falter Pay-in-kind bonds return, very nice. 2 years of rally left at most $$ Oct 11, 2012
  • Wrong: Bullish Sign for Stocks: Leverage Is Up What matters more is whether leverage will rise in the future $$ Oct 09, 2012


Rest of the World


  • Zhang Weiying: China’s Anti-Keynesian Insurgent Fascinating tale of an Austrian economist surviving in China $$ Oct 13, 2012
  • Hollande Robbed of Growth Engine as Companies Cut Investment Logical 2 invest less when EU & France r a mess $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize Nobel committee finally “jumps the shark.” The EU is unstable; a war waiting 2 happen $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • Spanish Bonds Risk Forced Selling as Rating Approaches Junk The Rating agencies r flawed, but on credit they r honest Oct 12, 2012
  • IMF’s Blanchard: Healing From Crisis Could Take Decades Crisis won’t b healed until total debt levels normalize $$ Oct 11, 2012
  • IMF Sees ‘Alarmingly High’ Risk of Deeper Global Slump A stopped clock is right twice/day, $ the IMF is right now $$ Oct 09, 2012
  • Iran Low on Options as Hyperinflation Concerns Spark Gold Dash Hyperinflations spawn currency substitutions: gold, $$ Oct 09, 2012
  • Chavez Win Called by BofA Sparks Selloff as Barclays Flops Sad that Chavez won, but the bonds reflected a loss $$ Oct 09, 2012
  • Why a U.S. buyout firm is investing in Greece ht: @danprimack – Companies w/global markets insensitive 2 local probs $$ Oct 08, 2012
  • Sicily, a Portrait of Italian Dysfunction Core Europe is to Italy as Italy is to Sicily. $$ gone & hard work starts Oct 08, 2012
  • Cheapest Chinese Stocks Since ’97 Not Enough to Signal Rally Noneconomic actors compete & drive down future profit $$ Oct 08, 2012
  • The Iran Hyperinflation Fact Sheet From my former professor @ JHU, Steve Hanke. Financial sanctions r biting in Iran $$ Oct 07, 2012


US Real Estate


  • OCC Forced JPMorgan, Wells Fargo to Write Down Home-Equity Loans FD: + $WFC – ’bout time. Recoveries poor on HEL $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • California Leading U.S. Out of Housing Bust I would be wary of “dead cat” bounces here $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • Tech Firms Become Real- Estate Trusts Tech firms that own a lot of real estate take advantage of becoming REITs $$ Oct 11, 2012
  • Not New York Towers Rise With Embrace of Yield When vacancy rates r this high, ordinarily rents fall. Y not now? $$ Oct 08, 2012




  • Milk-Cow Drought Culling Accelerates as Prices Jump Anything involved in animal husbandry is having tough time now $$ Oct 11, 2012
  • Midwest Drought Claims Poultry Producer Many firms involved in the meat biz r having a rough time now. $$ Oct 11, 2012




  • I’m not much of an #Orioles fan, but don’t you have to love a team of nobodies who can challenge the highly paid #Yankees? $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • The UN has declared today as the International Day of the Girl Child Sex selection abortion kills the most girls $$ Oct 11, 2012
  • If Only T. Boone Pickens Had Died Score: TB Pickens 0, Wealthy donors 0, Oklahoma State Univ. 0, Life Actuaries 1 $$ Oct 08, 2012
  • Musk’s SpaceX Launches Craft for Space Station Deliveries Space age begins as governments r less of a factor $$ Oct 08, 2012
  • California Facing $5 Gasoline Stirs Brown to Relax Rules There is a pain point 4 everyone, just found 4 CA gas $5 $$ Oct 08, 2012




  • “Good post, Josh. You have identified many of the best. No one of us covers it all; it’s a strong list” — David_Merkel Oct 10, 2012
  • At this rate, growing tobacco should be prohibited. Oh, wait, we tried that with alcohol. Never mind. $$ Oct 09, 2012



On Angela


  • @PavChyt @matinastevis Her *former* husband. She kept the name b/c it was good politics. She did not keep him. Oct 08, 2012
  • @PavChyt @MatinaStevis I received the name Merkel at birth. Angela got it from her 1st husband. At least people r spelling it right now $$ Oct 08, 2012




  • RT @MuniCredit: Citi Muni Presentation: #muniland h/t: @bondgirl Oct 12, 2012
  • I appreciate retweets RT @LSilverspar: Not enough for the value of your posts. If you value the retweets, I will do so far more often. $$ Oct 12, 2012
  • My week on twitter: 22 retweets received, 22 new followers, 16 mentions. Via: Oct 11, 2012
  • RT @danprimack: Every time people get all worked up over a national presidential poll, I wonder if the electoral college was eliminated … Oct 08, 2012
  • True of many notable CEOs w/earnings 2 smooth RT @rcwhalen: GE’s Jack Welch Knows All About Cooking the Books $$ Oct 08, 2012
  • RT @Convertbond: “Markets are increasingly distorted by Central Banks, attempts to squeeze drops of growth from overindebted developed w … Oct 07, 2012
  • Shock! $$ RT @BarbarianCap: Revised Greek GDP figures show recession deeper than thought > data released friday night Oct 06, 2012