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The Rules, Part XXXV

Stability only comes to markets in a self-reinforcing mode, from buy and hold (and sell and sit on cash) investors who act at the turning points. Beyond the vicissitudes of the markets, there are businessmen.  They have a sense of what their capital costs.  They reason regarding acquisitions and selling off their own holdings/subsidiaries.  They […]

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  Politics   California Democrats seize super majorities in both houses of Legislature http://t.co/Wp2cVYTF CA businesses plan exit strategies $$ Nov 08, 2012 Harsher energy regulations coming in Obama’s second term http://t.co/JHDKAhok Fracking, chemical emissions, & more $$ -losing green energy Nov 08, 2012 US crop insurance a post-election target, farm bill elusive http://t.co/9OdbRVjy W/Ag […]