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Evaluating Regulated Financials

Dear readers, I repost here an edited version of what I shared with a Linked-in group: =–=-==-=-=–=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=- I took Benefit-Cost Analysis from Dr. Hanke of Johns Hopkins in 1980, and so I never gained the benefit of his current proprietary tweaks to the Discounted Cash Flows model for stock valuation.  That said, application of DCF […]

Why do Value Investors Like Indexing?

In general, most value investors like indexing.  Buffett and many others agree on this.  But why? 1) Most value investors that I have known want ordinary people to have an option of doing pretty well, without investing with them, because the minimums are too high — investing in index funds fits that.  Further, Vanguard, who […]

Sorted Weekly Tweets

Macroeconomics   Here’s my plan for reducing the deficit: #mydeficitplan via @wsj Draconian, I know, but the budget shoould b balanced Dec 21, 2012 Canada’s exports crucial as sluggish growth continues: IMF Bank of Canada should raise rates 2 reduce excessive debt $$ Dec 21, 2012 Everything You Need To Know About the […]