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Selling Options Cheaply (Did You Know?)

Tom Brakke, the Research Puzzler, has started up yet another site to display bits of interesting information that he has run across — Research Puzzle Pieces.  His first piece was an interesting one, and I would like to give you my spin on it. You may remember some of my writings in this area: Yield […]

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Who to Follow   #FF @researchpuzzler @newrulesinvest @felixsalmon @interfluidity @Alea_ I go through my follow list twice/yr & highlight those I respect $$ Dec 15, 2012 #FF @EddyElfenbein @ReformedBroker @smallcapanalyst @BarbarianCap @abnormalreturns @TheStalwart @The_Analyst @mickwe @marketfolly @bondscoop Dec 15, 2012   Stupid political things I have said   @jpgriffard When I say great, I mean […]