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Blog Notes

Once again, I have an article the Baltimore Business Review.  You can download it here.  My article is on page 40 of the PDF.

The Baltimore Business Review is unique, a collaboration between Towson University, and the Baltimore CFA Society.  The CFA Institute highlighted it in the past year, though I can’t find the link.

My article deals with what drives residential housing prices, and sadly, it comes to rather ordinary conclusions.  I hate it when I get a normal  conclusion.

Have a read, and tell me what you think.


Second note: I will be the conference blogger for the NYSSA International Financial Reporting Conference taking place on January 10th.  There is a discount code for Aleph Blog readers: Aleph10, where you save 10%.  Note to CFAs: there is another code where you can save 20%, but I don’t remember what it is.

Accounting is important, and if you are a fundamental investor, it pays to understand it well.  I write this as one who had to learn a lot after becoming an actuary.  I might not know the nuances of all accounting, but I had to learn a lot as I did life insurance accounting, which is more complex than the accounting of most industries.

This is a conference worth attending, though many will ignorantly sneer at accounting conferences.



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Also, though David runs Aleph Investments, LLC, this blog is not a part of that business. This blog exists to educate investors, and give something back. It is not intended as advertisement for Aleph Investments; David is not soliciting business through it. When David, or a client of David's has an interest in a security mentioned, full disclosure will be given, as has been past practice for all that David does on the web. Disclosure is the breakfast of champions.

Additionally, David may occasionally write about accounting, actuarial, insurance, and tax topics, but nothing written here, at RealMoney, or anywhere else is meant to be formal "advice" in those areas. Consult a reputable professional in those areas to get personal, tailored advice that meets the specialized needs that David can have no knowledge of.

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