Blog Notes

Once again, I have an article the Baltimore Business Review.  You can download it here.  My article is on page 40 of the PDF.

The Baltimore Business Review is unique, a collaboration between Towson University, and the Baltimore CFA Society.  The CFA Institute highlighted it in the past year, though I can’t find the link.

My article deals with what drives residential housing prices, and sadly, it comes to rather ordinary conclusions.  I hate it when I get a normal  conclusion.

Have a read, and tell me what you think.


Second note: I will be the conference blogger for the NYSSA International Financial Reporting Conference taking place on January 10th.  There is a discount code for Aleph Blog readers: Aleph10, where you save 10%.  Note to CFAs: there is another code where you can save 20%, but I don’t remember what it is.

Accounting is important, and if you are a fundamental investor, it pays to understand it well.  I write this as one who had to learn a lot after becoming an actuary.  I might not know the nuances of all accounting, but I had to learn a lot as I did life insurance accounting, which is more complex than the accounting of most industries.

This is a conference worth attending, though many will ignorantly sneer at accounting conferences.