I enjoyed this book, but it is not a book on investing.  Here is my rough breakdown of the book:

  • 40% Ben Graham’s childhood
  • 30% Early work experience up until the Great Depression
  • 10% His personal life with family and others.
  • 10% His late-Depression successes in investing up to 1940.
  • 10% His efforts as a playwright and as an amateur economist.

So, here’s my biggest gripe about the book: in many ways, Ben Graham’s biggest days as an investor — his greatest times of success in the 1940s & 1950s don’t get mentioned at all.  I learned more of what he was like in that era from reading Alice Schroeder’s The Snowball.

Should this surprise us?  No.  Ben Graham wanted to live the good life in modern terms.  From his time as a youth, he was hard-working, growing up amid poverty, and he never wanted to be poor as an adult.

He was a very bright guy on many topics.  He was not only studied in the humanities (which he loved more), he was exceptionally good at math.  The book does not describe him in these words, but he was the first hedge fund manager, and the first quantitative investor.

What made Graham a lot of money was realizing that convertible bonds and preferred stocks carried a valuable option that was often undervalued, and so he would buy the convertible security and short common against it.  Strategies like this, plus activist investing, where he uncovered information advantages on undervalued stocks allowed him to become wealthy.

And that was enough for him.  Unlike his more focused protege, Warren Buffett, once the game got too tough, and a pleasant retirement was attractive, he trotted into the sunset, with modest contact with his former friends in investing.

The book does not describe his time teaching at Columbia, nor any of the great investors that he influenced.  Ben Graham was interested in investing, but he was more interested in the humanities, and generally having a happy time.  Thus, if you read this book, realize that it is about a slice of the life of Ben Graham.  The first half of his life comes in great detail.  The last half of his life comes almost not at all.

But this is not an autobiography, it is a memoir.  As such, Graham tells us what he wants to tell us, and leaves the rest unsaid.  He tells us a little about his thoughts on marital infidelity, but does not tell us how his ending companion ended up being his deceased son’s wife.

All that said, we get what Graham wanted to reveal to us.  Janet Lowe’s book on his life is more comprehensive on his later days… even Alice Schroeder gives us more on his later life by accident of covering Buffett.

In summary: this isn’t primarily a book on investing.  It is a book on the thinking of one very bright man who invested and did well, and used the freedom that money brought for his own ends, both for good and for bad.


Already expressed.

Who would benefit from this book:  If you want to know the early life of Ben Graham, this is a great book.  Beyond that, you will be disappointed.  If you want to, you can buy it here: Benjamin Graham: The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street.

Full disclosure: I borrowed it from the local library.

If you enter Amazon through my site, and you buy anything, I get a small commission.  This is my main source of blog revenue.  I prefer this to a “tip jar” because I want you to get something you want, rather than merely giving me a tip.  Book reviews take time, particularly with the reading, which most book reviewers don’t do in full, and I typically do. (When I don’t, I mention that I scanned the book.  Also, I never use the data that the PR flacks send out.)

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Near this time in 2012, I wrote a piece called “Expensive High Yield.”  In it I argued that higher quality high yield bonds were overvalued, but that CCCs might still have some play.

Here was my conclusion:

Whether I look at the Merrill High Yield Master 2, BBs, or Bs, junk bonds look expensive.  CCCs look a little cheap.  The yields on the High Yield Master 2 look about 0.8% expensive in terms of yield (that’s the residual in the above graph).  I will be lightening credit bond/loan positions in the near term.  Of course this is just my opinion, so do your own due diligence.

And, please realize that movements in the stock market may swamp my observations.  If the stock market runs, high yield can run further… but there will be an eventual snap-back.   The bond market is bigger than the stock market, eventually the stock market reacts to bond market realities.

So what happened?  The stock market ran, and all corporate bonds tightened, Investment Grade and Junk.  Yield seeking continued, as people look for ways to earn 4% without undue risk.

But tonight I want to take a slightly different approach than last year, daisy-chaining the overvaluations in the corporate bond market.  I’m using the same data as last time — the indexes are the Merrill Lynch Corporate Yield Indexes as published at FRED of the St. Louis Fed.

The baseline for corporates are the few large AAA issuers.  The first check is whether AAAs are overvalued versus history.  Here are my regression results:

Okay, what this shows is that the concept of spread over Treasuries even at the AAA level is not valid.  The odds that the true coefficient versus the 5-year Treasury is one is minuscule.

This says that spreads on AAA bonds should widen when Treasury rates are low.  It also indicates that the simple model expects AAA yields to be 0.30% higher than they are now.

Perhaps that stems from the actions of the Fed, which they are now perhaps beginning to regret.  There are real costs when you force people to take more risk to get income.

My next step is to consider BBB bond yields as a function of five-year Treasury yields, and the Merrill Lynch AAA bond index yield.

The current environment shows a great deal of desire for yield.  BBB bonds are 0.87% lower than they should be relative to history.  If I used what the earlier model said the AAA yield would be  this would look worse by maybe 0.50%.

Perhaps that reflects the effects of QE as well, but with more vigor, as higher yields get competed down more.

That brings me to the next link in the chain, where I compare Merrill High-Yield Master II versus their BBB index.

Now, relative to where BBB bonds are currently priced, junk bonds are fairly priced versus history.

I would still argue the BBBs are too tight versus history, which means the same for the High-Yield Master.

That brings me to look at the yields on the CCCs.  I played this on two ways.  First, like the way with the high yield master:

In this case, it looks like CCC bonds are still relatively cheap to BBBs.  Let’s try a slightly different specification, because CCC bonds have equity-like aspects far more than BBB bonds.

So why not add in the high yield master?

It doesn’t have much effect on the ultimate result.  CCC bonds still look relatively cheap.  Do I trust this result?  No.

All that said, all of this points to a kind of exponential effect with respect to yields on various bonds with credit ratings.  Bond categories are highly correlated to those that are near them, but often negatively correlated to those a step or two beyond, when regressors are considered as a group.


All of the corporate bond market is expensive relative to history, perhaps excluding CCC bonds.  That doesn’t mean it can’t get more expensive, particularly if stocks continue to move upward.   But this won’t last for more than two years; the signs of speculation are here, and that should make us cautious.

As a result, I am investing my bond strategy cautiously now.  What little yield I get comes from emerging market sovereigns.  Credit risk from corporates is small.

Central Banking


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Rest of the World


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Painting Kate Middleton


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Michael Pettis


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  • Think this analysis is correct, but uncertain $$ RT @mickwe: 3D printing is a lot of hype and it’ll never go mainstream http://t.co/8wkr5oxp Jan 17, 2013
  • I just left a comment in “7 gut checks before the stock market’s opening bell” http://t.co/MrSqVXZF Jan 17, 2013
  • @niubi If so, good for him. He revolutionized my economic thinking with his last book. Looking forward to the next one. Review copy coming Jan 17, 2013
  • +1 RT @dpinsen: Paging @TomFriedman: comment on How a ‘model’ employee got away with outsourcing his work to China http://t.co/wukYAV8T $$ Jan 17, 2013
  • +2, scrap IFRS RT @Alea_: +1 Britain should scrap IFRS accounting standards, MPs told http://t.co/woWmyC2v Jan 16, 2013
  • @oddballstocks very different mindsets; marketing and operations r different from finance, which is still different from investing Jan 16, 2013
  • @oddballstocks I did that as well from 1992-1998. Tried very hard to select non-name-brand mgrs w/durable competitive advantages Jan 16, 2013
  • ‘ @ClayNickel It depends on how equitylike the bonds r, & the financing composition of the holders. If the bonds r financed w/sig debt.. $$ Jan 16, 2013
  • RT @Matthew_C_Klein: The big deal about the German gold story isn’t that they’re taking some of it out of NY but that they’re moving *al … Jan 16, 2013
  • RT @Matthew_C_Klein: @izakaminska has a thoughtful take on the base money debate between @interfluidity and @NYTimeskrugman http://t.co/ … Jan 16, 2013
  • ‘ @joshuademasi Good point. After all, most nations would love to swap for Norway’s economic situation. $$ Jan 16, 2013
  • @earwulf Good insights both. We live in “interesting times” in the full meaning of the Chinese curse Jan 16, 2013
  • @ReformedBroker Rieder is a bright guy, as is my friend Ed Meigs at First Eagle; HY is okay for the short run, but 2 years out… $$ #Boom! Jan 16, 2013
  • @earwulf Yes Jan 16, 2013
  • @earwulf No, I don’t really find them persuasive. I do think that some Central Bank will stop sterilizing asset purchases, start new phase Jan 16, 2013
  • @JacPatterson I thought about that too, & think he really meant “English Language” Finance Blogs Jan 15, 2013
  • “But that also means you have to keep more $$ around if the puts get exercised, which Buffett had & many don’t.” http://t.co/uEIRn5i3 Jan 15, 2013
  • @joelight @spbaines the paragraph that starts ‘To screen out such “closet indexers,”‘ is factually wrong, does not understand statistics Jan 15, 2013
  • @joelight @spbaines I’m not arguing w/R2 as a proxy for active share, though there r better measures; article says correlation, means beta Jan 15, 2013
  • +10 Mmmmm… RT @dpinsen: Bresaola, lemon, olive oil, Parmesan, and basil joining forces for a great sandwich. http://t.co/pMMVmoI5 Jan 14, 2013
  • @abnormalreturns I’ve run into a *lot* of people trying to do this. Some are cleverer; not sure how it will work out… Jan 14, 2013
  • @JayLeonard but gold does control inflation and limits the government’s ability to use monetary policy for its own ends Jan 13, 2013
  • @JayLeonard Much of the difficulty is not gold vs not gold, but how banks were regulated — short liabs carrying long assets Jan 13, 2013
  • @GuldbergPeter Thanks, though I have heard that Canada *may* have issues. Jan 12, 2013
  • RT @GuldbergPeter: “@AlephBlog: Is there anyplace in the world that hasn’t overlent on real estate? Sweden, Canada and actually to some … Jan 12, 2013




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