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On Insurance Investing, Part 3

Subtitle: The Value of Momentum and Mean-Reversion In the extreme short-run, mean-reversion dominates.  Over a year, momentum dominates.  Over a four year period mean-reversion returns. The same applies to insurance stocks.  This is perhaps more true of insurance stocks, because the accounting is so opaque.  When accounting is opaque, it takes a longer period of […]

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Rest of the World   Cyprus’s now-certain default http://t.co/H7TO0rQy Cyprus is not substantial to the EU, but it does raise issues as to precedence $$ Jan 26, 2013 Jobs At Al Jazeera http://t.co/HzukJDoL Hiring in the USA! Join the Wahabist Ministry of Propaganda; certainly more talented than most! $$ Jan 24, 2013 Mali Exposes Flaws […]