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On Equity Valuations

From a reader: I only recently stumbled upon your blog, but I’m hooked.  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your financial insight, experience and wisdom. I’m a new entrant to the financial services industry (3 weeks on the job) and feeling ill-equipped without a finance degree. I’m struggling with the […]

What I Would & Would Not Teach College Students About Finance

Most of Friday I spent as judge at the Global Investment Research Challenge for Washington, DC and Baltimore.  I really like working with students.  They are so earnest, and they work so hard. Last year, the company was Under Armour, which was tough because it was a growth company.  Very difficult to value.  This year, […]

Sorted Weekly Tweets

Companies   Cargill joins Wall Street banks as swap dealer Could b a good idea 4 any firm that does much commodities hedging $$ Feb 22, 2013 Office Depot To Buy OfficeMax? And Then There Were Two. 0 + 0 = -1 Combined company faces $AMZN undercutting them $$ Feb 21, 2013 U.S. […]

Book Review: The Great Rebalancing

I’ve been waiting for this book for over 10 years.  When Michael Pettis wrote The Volatility Machine, he explained how emerging market countries imported the monetary policies of the developed countries. Now, in the present mess of economic policies put forth by most governments in our world, he explains how the debt and trade imbalances […]