Post 2100

Every 100 or so posts, I take a step back, and think about blogging itself.  Tonight I want to talk about advertising in blogging.

I now get about 75 requests per month asking:

  • Can I do a guest post at your blog? (There have never been guest posts, ever)
  • I want to place link ads at your blog (I tell them it has to be labelled advertising, I will not let my readers be deceived.  They go away.)
  • Some other advertising that I find objectionable for other reasons.

I write this blog to give something back to society in general.  My reputation is worth more to me than making money.  If I did not care about my reputation and wanted to make money, I would write a newsletter.  I’m a good enough writer, and clever enough with statistics that I could easily dupe people and make a lot of money, but I belong to Jesus Christ.  I can’t engage in the implicit fraud that many newsletter writers do.

maybe your ears are too tight

I sometimes send the above cartoon to the advertisers. Most think it is a funny rejection notice.   I’ve worked hard to create a blog with credibility.  I will not sell it out for a few measly bucks on advertising, or allow for posts from substandard writers.  I won’t even do it for writers better than me.  This is my blog; it reflects me, with all the warts and wrinkles.

I know that I am an acquired taste, and that many things I write are not congenial to all of my readers, because I write about too many areas.  But I write to give something back, and fight against those who try to cheat investors, even if the thief is our government.

But thanks to all that read me.  I am grateful that you peel off time for me.  I don”t deserve it, but I will do my best for you.

Your friend,