A Letter from a Reader


 My name is XXX and I am a senior at Trinity Christian School. A couple weeks ago my teacher and senior project adviser, Dr. YYY, suggested that I contact you for professional insight and opinion. I am reaching the end of my paper but I have a few questions:

  1. What actions would you suggest to European Leaders? (I know you addressed this in your article, “Winding Down the Eurozone“, but if there is anything you would like to add it would be greatly appreciated)
  2. What would a restructured Eurozone look like? 
  3. What does the Bible say about our finances? What advice does the Bible offer to officials? 

We can correspond either through email or telephone, whatever you prefer. 

You wrote a good question, compliments to your teacher, so I respond by blog post.

I have a saying, “Cultures are large than Economies, which are larger than Governments.”  The Eurozone is a big mistake, which came into existence trying to prevent another European war.  One might ask what threat there is of such a war, and we should be skeptical of anything more than a shrug.  Please ignore my last name, but Germany is no military threat to Europe.  There is no logical reason for the Eurozone.

A free trade zone is a good thing, and better we should have one across the whole world.

As for a restructured Eurozone there are three models:

  1. Germany and Finland leave, and the remaining Eurozone has a weak currency, which allows their industries to be competitive.
  2. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and maybe Ireland and France leave.  Those remaining have a hard currency, and a much smaller Eurozone.  The problems are not totally solved, though, because there are still significant productivity differentials across the diminished Eurozone.
  3. The entire Eurozone unwinds, and good riddance.  Most large economic errors occur because governments assume they have more power than they really have.

Now, as for what the Bible has to say about finances, and what officials should hear from the Bible is a big topic, and I will cover that in a few days.  But for now, that is all.