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US Economics


  • For all the debt, there’s a shortage of bonds There isn’t a shortage of bonds, but of yield w/reasonable safety $$
  • FED Very Low Inflation Panic Button: Soon DEFCON 2 Argues that Fed will give up confident talk &continue easing $$
  • Wake up! Neither political party cares about the rest of us. #deadlyduopoly
  • Fiscal Policy. Oy! Dick Fisher gives us nuanced view of economic policy; if u aren’t confused u aren’t thinking $$
  • US Budget Deficit Shrinks Far Faster Than Expected Still high, and now the Fed is absorbing almost all of deficit $$
  • The Question the Fed Should Be The Fed is trapped in the imagination that they can resist debt deflation $$
  • Wrong:Easy Money: Too Much of a Good Thing? No matter how slowly they remove policy accommodation it will backfire $$
  • Washington & Wall Street: Ben Bernanke’s Global Inflation Japan imitates US: inflationary race 2 the bottom
  • Fed Maps Exit From Much wishful thinking on Bernanke’s part, will b really tough 2 remove accommodation $$
  • Beware Volatile Bond-Market Bond market will b very sensitive to every nuance of comments by Fed Governors $$
  • Red Jahncke: The Federal Revenue Surge Won’t Last People took gains taking advantage of low rates, easy huh? $$
  • Daily Treasury Real Yield Curve Interested in getting the real yield rates on TIPS? U can that & more here $$
  • US High-Yield Bond Conundrum: First Warning from Bernanke? can borrow, buy back stock, improve EPS $$
  • Are US Lumber Prices Giving us a Warning? Falling pretty rapidly; is this a sign of an economic slowdown coming? $$
  • Bernanke: Big Banks May Face Higher Capital Requirements optimistic: Fed to reform margining 4 repos $$
  • Wrong: Fed Maps Exit From At present, this is formless & void, w/the doves controlling monetary policy $$


US Politics


  • Greg Lukianoff: Feds to Students: You Can’t Say That The first amendment should deal w/this $$
  • Puerto Rico’s New Governor: We’re ‘Back on Track’ We’ve heard this before; ask how big unfunded accruals are $$
  • White House Releases Benghazi How many scandals can the Obama Administration bear at once? $$
  • CBO Sees Deficit Narrowing to $642 Billion Good as far as it goes, but nowhere near balanced, keep cutting please $$
  • Republicans Risk Razing Arizona Edge by Losing Hispanics US political landscape shifting; Red party lost West US $$
  • Crop insurance expands, costs grow in latest US farm bills Ag subsidies decline, but crop insurance costs rise $$
  • Rating Firms Steer Clear of an There’s no other choice; this has worked out as I predicted $$
  • In La-La Land, America’s Silliest In the dictionary, next to the word “hopeless” in a picture of LA $$
  • How Many More ‘Red Lines’ Must Syria Cross? Not so fast: how have results turned out in Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya? $$


Financial Markets


  • Regulators Target Exchanges As They Ready Record Fine Another type of trading on material nonpublic information $$
  • “Give the Market the Benefit of the Doubt” and Invest in Stocks: When do we reduce exposure then? $$
  • Wrong: Kovacevich Says Only About 20 Institutions Caused Credit Overlending on Resid RE caused the crisis $$
  • The market isn’t merely crawling a wall of worry but we’re rapidly approaching the crown molding of disbelief.
  • Rise of the Zombies: Fannie, Freddie preferred shares hit post-bailout highs yesterday Fool me once…
  • Wrong: Warren pushes SEC, regulators on ‘too-big-for-trial’ banks good in concept; very hard to execute $$
  • S&P Cuts Rating on Berkshire | FD: + $BRK.B Maybe Buffett should own some McGraw Hill for protection $$
  • Investors Flood Into Loan People imagine that they can earn high yield off of levered junk w/little risk $$
  • “The lower the gold price, the more nervous investors holding these positions will become.” perverse market $$
  • Rethink your bond strategy for What if interest rates don’t rise, amid economic weakness? What then? $$
  • Brokers Go Gray as Youth Unsustainable Without Cold Calls w/life agents 2, eventually sorts itself out $$
  • Stock Buybacks: We Separate Smart from Dumb Check free cash flow & relative valuation; check soundness of buybacks $$
  • Mortgages are investment du jour for hedge funds Hedge funds r weak holders & r buying in the eighth inning $$
  • Farmland: The market ‘bubble’ you’ve never heard of Watch debt financing levels; high levels would indicate bubble $$
  • Fitch:US Corporate Cash Part I: Growth at an Inflection Point? hoard cash b/c cost of doing so is low $$
  • Does the Sohn Conference Make Hedge-Fund Geniuses Stupid? investment “geniuses” were one-trick ponies $$




  • EC ready to hit Chinese companies with sanctions over illegal Currency wars may give way 2 trade wars $$
  • Europeans must face up to prospect of massive debt restructuring If Euro survives there will b bail-ins >Cyprus $$
  • Greek Bonds Soar After Fitch Fear gives way to greed as austerity solutions begin to ebb & recovery starts $$




  • China’s outstanding corporate debt to surpass US When China govt steps away, corporate defaults will surpass US 2 $$
  • Grade A office rents under pressure after years of rises W/all of the overbuilding, what should you expect? $$
  • @AlephBlog That last tweet was about office space in China.




  • Japan Posts Surge in Economic Too soon; we need to see the effect on inflation, which will lag $$
  • World’s Worst Bonds Brace for Losses on Abe Growth Japanese bonds deliver significant losses in USD term 2 holders $$
  • Yen at Four-Year Low Prompts Fujitsu to Raise PC Prices Could it be that policy is finally creating reflation? $$


Rest of the World


  • Euro-Style Bail-In Plan Means Bondholder Wipe-Out; wipe common, preferred, bonds, deposits protected2limit $$
  • Canadian Housing Bubble Review: Overpriced and Overbuilt never deflate slowly; incentives lead to panic $$
  • Commented on StockTwits: Yes, the US has shifted more to temporary workers & it will get worse under Obamacare, bu…
  • Canada’s shift to a nation of temporary workers Puts pressure on lower-skilled workers to move among a few jobs $$
  • @agnestcrane Feels like the Brazilian Govt is driving $PBR into the ground. Income is anemic, debt is rising, would b reluctant 2buy




  • The New Science Behind This isn’t science, but gambling; putting $$ on longshots w/big payoffs
  • Dodging companies before disaster strikes The simple aspects of ethical investing r doable; don’t make it complex $$
  • Secret Rocks and Gem The $10B jewels industry is shrouded in beauty—and mystery. Is change about to come? $$
  • In U.S., Apostrophes in Place Names Are Practically Against the Law another sign of cultural stupidity $$
  • @The_Analyst It varies a great deal, but mostly I go to bed late; today I am up early.
  • Harvard-for-Free Meets Resistance as US Professors See Threat in colleges coming 2a crisis state $$ #bye
  • Why More Young Kids Cheat at We r basically evil, not good, we should b surprised when children don’t cheat $$
  • North Jersey Data Center Industry Blurs Utility-Real Estate Data centers r about energy costs & space $$
  • Martin, CEO of ING U.S. on Growth Outlook $VOYA CEO seems flustered, did not answer the questions he was asked.
  • Bloomberg Isn’t The Only Company Able To Spy On Users Wise 2 ask 3rd party vendors 4 how they keep ur data private $$




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