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  • Risk of Bank Failures Rising in Europe, E.C.B. Warns Bad scene $$
  • New BoE chief Carney will devalue sterling, Pimco warns It’s useless but everyone has 2try2 “beggar thy neighbor” $$
  • The French Economic Maginot Line: A Very Weak Strongpoint French economy weakening; 2 big 4 Germany 2 rescue $$
  • Greek Economy Optimism Seen in Yield-Curve Switch Perhaps they r doing better, but what of France & Germany? $$
  • Hungary Cuts Policy Rate to Record Another nation sucked into the march to global ZIRP; what will break first? $$




  • Asia’s Huge Debt Growth Problem: Remember 1997? Graph on this page is worth a look; could b another Asia crisis $$
  • Aging Chinese Face a Bleak This should b no surprise; it is the logical outcome of the 1 child policy $$
  • China Failure to Grow With $1T Is Warning to Li: Economy Marginal productivity of capital in China $$ #FTL
  • China’s Xi Comes Calling on Interesting to see the Chinese need 4 products in the Western Hemisphere $$
  • China Failure to Grow With $1T Is Warning 2 Li: Economy 10 years from now, they’ll wonder y we worried about China $$
  • China-Based Cyber Attacks Rise at Meteoric Pace This is not news. Practice safe computing, & you will be safe. $$
  • Japanese Housewives Cooling on Aussie Uridashi The strong yen is gone,& small investors realize there is no gain $$
  • Tokyo Shares Down Japanese stocks get hit, why should anyone be surprised? BOJ engaged in voodoo economics $$
  • Japan’s Bond Market Wants BOJ to Purchase More Short-Term off-balance as BOJ stops giving them easy profit $$
  • China’s Shuanghui to Buy Smithfield Foods A wise addition to the strategic pork reserve; let the pigs flow west! $$
  • Japan plays down concerns bond price spike could hurt recovery thinks 3% higher interest rates won’t hurt?! $$
  • Fears over US stimulus highlight Japan’s fragility Japan is reaching the limits of what monetary policy can do $$


Rest of the World

  • Sudan Threatens to Close Two corrupt regimes arguing over oil – a lose/lose situation $$
  • Bank of Israel Lowers Rate Again After Surprise Mid-May Cut Many fringe economies import low rates 2 aid exporters $$
  • Despite Detractors, Don’t Buy Talk of Dollar’s Demise The US is in good shape compared to Japan, Eurozone & China $$
  • Fringe economies are forced to absorb loose monetary policy, or let exports suffer while hot money tries to get yield in their countries $$


Central Banking


  • Simon Johnson: Choosing the Next Head of the Federal No doubt that Dick Fisher would b a lot better $$
  • Is the Fed Right to Calibrate Asset Purchases to Economic Data? Coarse data doesn’t allow 4 fine policy precision $$
  • US Banks Looking Solid As Bernanke Keeps The Juice Flowing, But Perils Of Financial Crisis Loom Low rates will end $$
  • Fed’s 100-Year Roots Grew From Virginia Congressman Puff piece of secular hagiography fawning over Carter Glass $$
  • Kuroda Struggles W/Communication as Japan Rates Rise Most central bankers don’t know forces w/which they r toying $$
  • Also, strong communication skills at central banks r a weakness, not a strength; better 2 move back to the pre-87 era, operate in shadows $$
  • The more communication a central bank puts out, the more markets become “tightly coupled” w/the CB, thus limiting the effects of policy $$
  • Stephen Poloz: Top 10 headaches BoC chief faces right off the bat much debt amid a mortgage bubble germinates $$


Market Impact


  • NYC Pension Chief Seeks $500,000 Managers to Cut Out Wall Street Insourcing looks easy; u need bright mgmt 2do it $$
  • Contrarian Investing in Quality Franchises It is not enough 2b contrarian, u have 2b right $$ $STUDY
  • James DeMasi on Overcoming Adversity to Start and Grow a Value Investment Management Firm stuff $$ $STUDY
  • Pension-Fund Swings Make Case for Cutting Risk Much as I like ALM, probably the wrong time 2 trade stocks 4 bonds $$
  • Junk Bonds Having A Bad Week (Down 0.96%) Amid Broader Yet this is small & we need it 2 persist 4 weeks $$
  • Evaluating 3 Bullish PR better than logic, but he is right that the market is overvalued $$
  • Sallie Krawcheck: Big Banks Still Don’t Have Enough Capital No 1 knows how large the ultimate catastrophe could b $$
  • Morgan Stanley to Downsize Fixed Income I think this is a mistake. Wall Street exists 2 sell debt$MS $$
  • Record Cash Sent to Balanced Hail the humble balanced fund, which has the virtue of keeping panic away 4most $$
  • SEC Refocuses on Accounting Fraud With Crisis-Related Enforcement Ebbing, SEC Is Turning Back to Main Street $$
  • A hedge fund for u & me? Best move is 2 pass Sage advice from @ritholtz | survivor & reporting bias & fees 2 high $$
  • Goldman Sachs Buyback Orders Reach Highest Level of Year Are buybacks part of the voting or weighing machine *now* $$
  • Margin Debt Hits a Record, Showing Confidence Confidence or froth, amid a market influenced by aggressive $$ policy?
  • Beware of ‘Bargain’ Stocks disagree for now; look4 strong companies in industries under stress that will survive $$
  • Defaulted Manhattan Complex Rewards Patient $$ Sadly, equity & mezzanine were wiped out, patience pays only4 snr debt




  • MetLife cuts 2,500 advisers seen lacking chance of success Retail chief says productivity ‘way up;’ costs way down $$
  • Regarding the prior tweet, I have wondered 4 ~25 years when something like that would happen; has long been needed @ most life insurers $$
  • $PRU Takes On $AFL in Benefits After Health Law Much easier2 “enter” a market than create a sales force $$ FD: + $AFL
  • $ENH CEO steps down, replacement named Sudden. Former CEO of $AXS picked, owns ~1.5%, will own ~4% as comp; FD: +$ENH
  • The former CEO of $AXS was pushed out by his board; he built Axis, but was a bit of a prima donna. What will he do to $ENH ? | FD: + $ENH $$
  • One more note: the competent former CFO of $PRE is now CEO of $AXS , having been passed over for the CEO job @ $PRE $$ #musicalchairs


US Politics


  • Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” The more we find out, the less sense it
  • GOP senators want IG probe of Sebelius’ ‘Obamacare’ fundraising administration is more corrupt than Nixon $$
  • Bible Class in Texas Schools Faulted as Unconstitutional Look in the comments 4 bigoted ideas that aren’t American $$
  • Obamacare Competition Has Roots in Economist’s Passion If you believe in neoclassical economics u r deluded $$ #loser
  • Regulators Want Better Financial Well, duh, but there are costs involved & the government does not bear those $$
  • When Chinese Walls Come Crumbling Down There r still conflicts of interest on Wall Street. Be aware & defensive $$
  • Deposits Guaranteed Up to $250,000—Maybe Congress transfers insured deposit risks to the taxpayers & depositors $$
  • Liberty Reserve Joe Bogus Account Said to Reflect Evasion Money laundering goes high-tech; Feds take action $$
  • Obama Accepting Sequestration as Deficit Shrinks Whaddaya know? A policy no one liked actually isn’t that bad $$
  • Health Law Critics Seek to Gut It by Attacking Exchanges Exchanges will only attract sick, will b high costs4all $$
  • The US Federal Government Spending: a Huge Fiscal Drag http;// Cutting less useful spending it may help, not harm $$
  • Hollywood Loses Blockbusters as ‘Iron Man’ Finds Subsidy Like building stadiums, except u have to keep doing it $$
  • Obama Nominates 2 Senate Aides for S.E.C. Posts A team 2 assure continued incompetence & weak enforcement $$
  • Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills Basic goals: min capital reqs, max flexibility, weaken regs $$




  • Cord Cutters Lop Off Internet Service More Than TV You can cut your costs, but what does that do to your life? $$
  • Online Course Providers Reach Out2 Wary Professors Better to ask the question, “Where is new revenue coming from?” $$
  • Victor Davis Hanson: Why Some Wars Are So Savage Evenly matched wars that take a long time lead to barbarism $$
  • Mary Meeker is Back With Her 2013 Internet Trends Report A lot of interesting information $$ Things change
  • European Sunscreen Roadblock on U.S. Beaches If you sunburn like me, maybe European sunscreens will help u $$
  • Dear Grads, Don’t ‘Do What You Love’ The solution is 2love what u do; working 4 $$ helps other priorities in life
  • Death Jolts Texas Since his body was found 2 weeks ago, investors say they lent him millions of $$ #badodor
  • Common Core Education Is Uncommonly Inadequate curriculum standards tend 2b dumbed-down; local better $$
  • Science Can’t Pin Powerful Tornadoes on Global Climate Change rare fair article on climate @ Bloomberg. Who knew $$
  • Noahpinion: Bets do not (necessarily) reveal beliefs In which Noah Smith arbs Brad Delong & Patrick Chovanec $$ #FTW
  • Immunology Gets Turned On Its Discovery may aid vaccine design&begins2explain y gene therapy runs in2 trouble $$
  • Is This Google X’s Plan to Wire the World? Solar powered balloons dot the skies, could last 5 years & upgrade $$




  • Buffett’s Safe Bet on Vegas Maestro does it again, takes a marginally profitable company, & refinances it $$
  • Goldman Upgrades Defense Contractors My but how contrarian; won’t there b less cash flowing to defense companies? $$
  • Berkshire Hathaway Unit to Buy NV Energy for $5.6B Another wise move by Buffett; utility earnings make $$ vs funding
  • Alcoa Cut to Junk by Moody’s as Aluminum Price Declines sign of economic weakness, but Alcoa will survive $$
  • Payday Lenders Evading Rules Pivot to Installment Loans I like people to have choice, but not 1 that leads2a trap $$
  • Empire State Building IPO Plan Is Approved “The second-largest IPO for a U.S. real-estate investment trust” ever $$
  • BHP Halts Coal Expansion in the global economy & thus steel makes demand fall for metallurgical coal $$ $BHP
  • Newsweek for Sale: IAC Seeks The internet changes everything; say goodbye to a dinosaur $$
  • Utilities Weigh Entering Rooftop-Solar Business Sounds dumb; it’s a very different biz in almost every way $$ #FTL
  • Samsung, Sony Court Indians as Subsidies Fund Factories gives 25% subsidy4capital costs2setup tech plants. $$




  • As US Oil Booms, an Unlikely Word Rises: Depletion Wells created by fracking have shorter production profiles $$
  • U.S. Oil Boom Divides Those most dependent on oil revenues want others in OPEC 2 cut, so that they can cheat $$


Replies, Retweets & Comments

  • I just left a comment in “Energy stocks down, look to end week higher – Energy Stocks – MarketWatch”
  • “I have read both. Buffett made mistakes that cost him, but never such that he could not bounce back…” — $$
  • Commented on StockTwits: Old tweet deleted, new tweet out
  • “Don’t forget his purchase of 83% of CVR Energy. Equally good. FD: +$CVI ” — David_Merkel cc:@refomedbroker $$
  • @AlephBlog Growth and the Market. Useful piece to help people make sense of seemingly over-valued equity
  • Sets up future losses $$ RT@tomkeene: ‘Cov-lite’ loans soar in dash for yield –
  • @kurtgodeldabomb I like your name. Yes, that’s y I said it; I think its the voting machine 4 most companies, & weighing machine 4 a few
  • “Until the strategy fails, and he asks you to leave.” — $$
  • @pope_stephen Sadly, monetary policy was much better run under Volcker & Martin, & they were not going out of their way 2 explain the Fed $$



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