A Note on Commenting at Aleph Blog

In general, at Aleph Blog, if you keep your comments clean, even if I disagree with them, they will be published.   There is one exception to this, that if you accuse me of evil intent, I will ban you from posting comments.

Look, Aleph Blog is free.  I could set up a subscription service but I haven’t, and have no intention of doing so.  I blog for the good of readers.  If you think I am acting out of evil intent, then stop reading me, or, set up your own blog and criticize me.

I have only banned two commenters in seven years at Aleph Blog.  There have been many comments that I have not agreed with, but I allowed to be posted.  There have been many comments that called me stupid.  All of those were posted.  I don’t mind that — call ne stupid as much as you like.

Barry Ritholtz, the leading finance blogger, at his blog, reserves the right to deny anyone the right to comment, and that is fair.  I put forth the effort to create this blog, and as such, I set the rules for commenting.

I rarely deny the ability to comment, but I will do so to the degree that it impugns me, or degrades the blog.

All that said, thank you for the 99%+ that comment here.  I appreciate your comments.