I know that much of the money management business sets target prices for buying and selling, particularly value managers, and sell-side analysts.  I don’t set target prices.  Why?

Think of what a target price means.  It says that at a certain price you are willing to exchange securities for cash (sell), or vice-versa (buy).  The trade-off between an individual security and cash is difficult to calculate.  Even if you have a really good dividend discount model, the target prices are very sensitive to model inputs.  I think the question of whether I would rather have cash or an individual stock or bond is a difficult question.

So why don’t we focus on easier questions?  It is simpler to rank stocks versus other stocks at least in broad, and bonds versus bonds.  I am not saying that you have to optimize.  You can’t be exact in ranking the desirability of stocks or bonds, but if we can’t identify a group of stocks outside the portfolio that are better than a group of stocks inside the portfolio, there is not much sense in trading.  Same for bonds.

With bonds, the tradeoff is more obvious, because you can consult yield relationships, and make all of the adjustments necessary to decide whether a trade is a good one or not.  Even then, there had better be a good yield advantage after all adjustments, or the trad will not make sense.  As an example, back in the first half of 2002, I engaged in a wide number of trades that gave up some absolute yield, but improved the portfolio’s credit quality dramatically at a time when credit spreads were narrow.  Though overall yield went down, the portfolio was in better shape.  This was the opposite of what we did after 9/11 — buy distressed bonds while spreads were very wide, accepting more credit risks when it paid to do so.

Thus, most of my portfolio management is not so much “Aim for the best.”  I’m not sure I can do that.  “Aim for something better than what I currently have” is achievable.  In cases where I can find no clear improvements, sitting on my hands it the best strategy.  After all, time is on the side of a portfolio representing great relative value.

This is not to denigrate those that are better than me, like Seth Klarman.  He has a strong sense of when he would rather hold cash versus taking any risk, and so he manages value in an absolute sense, even giving back money to clients when  he doesn’t have anything to do with it.

I’m still finding some attractive assets to buy, though not many.  Later this month, I will do my formal quarterly reshaping of the portfolio, where I will trade away a few stocks I like less for those I like more.  And if I can’t find any that I like more, I don’t have to do anything, because if I’ve got a really good group of stocks, doing nothing may be the best idea of all.

PS — If you want more, some of the details are in Portfolio Rule Eight.

This is a hard time to be managing fixed income.  Yes, if you are at a big shop with access to deal flow, not so bad — but when you are small like me and have limited tools for a small client base (less than 10% of my assets are fixed income… smart people, because I am better at equity investing) it is really difficult.

Everyone knows interest rates have to rise.  That is why I own long Treasuries.  If the certainty level were truly that high, we would have sold off a lot more by now.  As it is, oldsters, their intermediaries, and pension plans are investing in longer fixed income to provide long-term income.  The need for income, at least for now, holds rates down.  If price inflation kicks up, my view will change, and so might the view of millions of others.

I call that position “ice.”  What will do well if the global economy goes cold?  That’s 20% of the portfolio.

Then there is “fire,”  credit risk in mild and stronger forms.  40% of assets in short investment grade bonds.  20% in bank loans.  20% in short-dated junk.  What will do well if the economy expands?  “Fire” will do well.

What I did wrong last year

My big mistake last year was owning emerging market bonds, both dollar-denominated, and local currency.  That market fell apart after Bernanke uttered the word “taper.”  I held, thinking there might be some recovery, only to sell in November, ahead of the first real taper.

I forgot what I knew, that immature/emerging financial markets are disproportionately sensitive to changes in monetary policy from developed markets.  Michael Pettis’ book, The Volatility Machine, makes that point ably.

On the bright side, maybe I missed the second half of the losses.  As for now, Fire and Ice is working, and providing returns to the small number of clients that use me for fixed income.

The Volatility Machine, or, Developed Markets Sneeze and Emerging Markets Catch a Cold


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