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On a Letter From A Younger Friend

A younger friend of mine sent me an email asking for investment advice.  Here is the redacted version of it:   I’m not sure if you are aware of a blog called The guy who runs the blog retired in his late twenties just working a software development job. Granted, he was really fortunate […]

Protect Your Older Family & Friends

This article was spurred by this article in the Wall Street Journal: Financial Scammers Increasingly Target Elderly Americans.  The elderly are indeed a target because of three reasons: The poor elderly need to make money, and they become prone to scams that offer easy earnings, while milking them for “startup costs” and things like that. The […]

On the CFA Institute’s “Future of Finance”

All hail the CFA Institute.  They are trying to inject more ethics into the market through their “Future of Finance” initiative.  I largely agree, but think they are overly optimistic in some areas. Here are their basic ideas: Here are their dreams: My main problems are with the dreams.  Yes, I eventually want […]

Set it and Forget it

This post is directed at people who don’t get the markets.  People who think they they are experts can stop reading now. I’m the Chairman of the Pension Board of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.  Yes, that long-lived but small denomination that never went through the controversies of modernism, still teaching that Jesus […]

Sorted Weekly Tweets

Market Dynamics   On Paradigm Shifts Hunter takes us through mental exercises 2 make us intelligently contrarian. “Invert, Always Invert” May 02, 2012 Hedgers’ net short position vanishes in US oil Commercial interests do not fear lower prices, could be bullish 4 crude May 02, 2012 There’s Plenty of Money for Junk […]