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Market Dynamics   Yellen Comments Boost Demand for Treasury Bonds Carry trade rescued, grows larger 4a later day of reckoning $$ $TLT May 10, 2014 One of the Best Retirement Deals 9 of 10 People Ignore Contribute 2a Roth 401(k) & save big on future taxes $$ $TROW May 10, 2014 NYSE to Curtail Order Types Amid Debate Over […]

Book Review: The Death of Money

This is a hard book to review. I have respect for the author, and most of his opinions.  But extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  There is evidence here, but not extraordinary proof.  I agree that we are in a bad spot, and that there is reason to be cautious.  To claim that the current international […]

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Bitcoin   Mt Gox: The brief reign of bitcoin’s top exchange What happens when u neglect basic acctg & programming controls Mar 01, 2014 Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Files for Bankruptcy Protection B wary of opaque transaction systems, clever may steal $$ Mar 01, 2014 Where Did the Bitcoins Go? The Mt. Gox Shutdown, Explained Currencies can’t exist apart from […]

Book Review: Rule Based Investing

Everyone would like a “money machine.”  Follow simple rules, and “Wow, this makes money.”  This is that kind of book but it has better foundations than most in its class. The book examines three types of investing, most of which are foreign to average investors.  Most investors don’t invest in equity by shorting it, and […]

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Companies Delta Sees S&P 500 in Reach as Credit Ratings Rise  I would b cautious here, airlines have destroyed a lot of capital $$ Berkshire’s Weschler Holds Almost $150 Million of DaVita  FD: + $BRK.B | The slow takeover of Davita continues $$ The real Apple tax scandal  Scrap the corporate income […]

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Market Dynamics   Gold Volatility Beats US Stocks and May Last: Chart of the Day Bodes ill 4 gold in short-run, good in the long-run $$ Apr 19, 2013 S&P500, & their friends: Market Fatigue? Confirmation Signs? Momentum failing in small cap stocks, not a good sign $$ Apr 18, 2013 Some (more) crushing […]

At the Towson University Investment Group’s International Market Summit, Part 2

Here are some questions submitted in writing that did not get asked.  Here are some questions & answers: 1        What do you make of the move towards energy independence in America and what are some benefits that accommodate it? Any innovation that lowers costs is a good thing.  Energy independence is a a shibboleth that […]

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US Politics & Economic Policy   Employers Blast Fees From New Health Law Phases in the added costs of covering sick people previously uninsured $$ Mar 15, 2013 Conservative Groups Warn GOP Lawmakers About Deals With Obama If this were a 2-player game, would have been solved $$ Mar 15, 2013 Gundlach: Investors […]