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Micro-stability versus Macro-instability

When I was a corporate and mortgage bond manager, I would have to look through prospectuses, if the bonds weren’t vanilla in nature. There was a division of labor — credit analysts would opine on the likelihood of whether a company was “money good,” and portfolio managers would try to decide relative value, analyze structure […]

One Dozen Thoughts on Bonds, Financials and Financial Markets

1) The blog was out of commission most of Saturday and Sunday, for anyone who was wondering what happened. From my hosting provider: We experienced a service interruption affecting the Netfirms corporate websites and some of our customer hosted websites and e-mail services. During scheduled power maintenance at our Data Centre on Saturday Feb. 23 […]

Is the PEG Ratio a Valid Concept?

This piece is a work in progress, so I solicit your feedback on it. How could it be improved? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I enjoy it when my expectations are proven wrong, because it means that I learned something in the process. When I began preparation for this post (which will probably have two parts, because I am […]