Post 500

As WordPress counts, this is post 500, though it is only really the 409th post. (A glitch in the software yesterday ate up ten numbers… weird. I had planned on post 500 being near my first blogoversary on 2/20, but it was not to be.) I use the hundred milestones to take a moment to reflect on blogging, and update readers on what is going on in my life, my plans for the blog, and to ask for advice.

For the most part, I just blog now, and I don’t pay too much attention to the statistics on readership and links. I have a decent feel for where I fit into the financial blogosphere, and I know I won’t be the top writer here. I’m not for everyone.

As I have commented before, one of the good points and bad points of my blog is that blog readers really can’t tell what I will be serving up next. My interests are broad, and I like writing about a wide number of topics. I think it strengthens my understanding of the markets, rather than weakening it.

I have also said that this blog is not a business, but it is an option on a business. Well, the option came into the money regarding my new position with Finacorp. Today, an announcement will go out over PR Newswire over my new job there. To any of my readers in the regular media: if you read it, and you have a place for it in your publications, it will be much appreciated here.

So where am I going from here in blogging? I will continue to cover current issues, and long term ideas of interest, but I also have a list of articles that I would like to do:

  • Traffic
  • Academic Finance Lies
  • Rescuing Capitalism from Capitalists
  • Flexibility vs Fixed Commitments
  • Fundamentals of Market Bottoms
  • Revisiting DFR
  • Commercial Paper less Two-year Treasury Yields
  • Predicting Inflation
  • Unemployment Risk
  • Risk Management vs VAR vs ERM
  • Central Banks can lose money?
  • The Problem of Taxation

Before I close here, I want to thank my readers, and thank those that refer readers to me. I don’t take anyone for granted here. Your time is limited, and I appreciate that you read/refer to me. Special thanks to Abnormal Returns, Seeking Alpha, Marketbeat, The Big Picture, Random Roger, VIX and More, and more.

If you have suggestions for me, please send them my way. I write about what interests me, but I listen to readers in order to gauge the broader interest in what I write about.

PS — It is good to be employed once again.

Full disclosure: long DFR