Monthly Archives: April 2008

One Dozen Observations on Residential Housing

1) The rating agencies have been running like crazy. They do that when they are behind the curve. Whether it is Moody’s on subprime, or S&P on Alt-A lending, the downgrades are coming in packs. Then there are difficulties with the debts of real estate partnerships, like LandSource Communities Development, which is likely to file […]

Financial Literacy for Children

As we were driving down the highway Monday evening, back from our oldest daughter’s symphony concert at U-MD, my wife and I began talking about teaching children about money.  We homeschool, so we have to consider a lot in training our children for the real world. Some of my children have an interest in the […]

Blog Notes

I just upgraded the blog and all of its software to WordPress 2.5.1. It should allow me to do more with the blog in terms of format flexibility and a few other things. It should improve the overall stability of the blog, as well as a few things that should make the blog harder to […]

Book Review: Beating the Market, 3 Months at a Time

A word before I start: I’m averaging two book review requests a month at present. I tell the PR people that I don’t guarantee a review (though I have reviewed them all so far), or even a favorable review. They send the books anyway. Included in every book is a 2-6 page summary of what […]