Monthly Archives: December 2009

Nine Notes and Comments

As I roll through the day, i often make comments on the blogs and websites of others.  I suppose I could gang them up, and post them here only.  I don’t do that.  Other sites deserve good comments.  Today, though, I reprint them here, with a little more commentary. 1) First, I want to thank […]

Where Can I Learn the Investment Math? The Bond Math?

I was recently asked where to look for how to understand quantitative investing, fixed income, etc.  Let me try to explain. I have reviewed in the past Investing by the Numbers (Frank J. Fabozzi Series).  This is a good book that covers a wide number of areas in quantitative investing without getting too technical.  I […]

On Contrarianism

With markets, it doesn’t matter what people say.  What matters is what they rely upon. Face it, people have opinions, and when asked only the most cautious or prudent won’t give an answer.  Talk is cheap. But money talks.  What will people or institutions risk some of their financial well-being in order to make money? […]

My TIPS, Treasuries, and Inflation Model

I finished the first phase of a project today.  But first let me tell you a story.  It was 1990, and the Society of Actuaries Investment Section was holding a conference.  It was a great conference; I still have the binder from it.  There are few meetings from twenty years ago that still have relevance […]