Post 1600

Every 100 posts or so, I take a step back to think about the broader issues I face in blogging, and describe what I am up to in my life, so that my readers can understand more about me.

Since my last post on this topic, I have had a difficult time.  Why?  I worry that my firm will not grow fast enough that it will support my family.  That said, I pick up 2-4 new clients per month, and my friends in the Baltimore CFA Society tell me that I am doing better than most.

So, I try to take heart amid the bear market, where it is more difficult to gain clients. Now, it would be nice if there were a database of dissatisfied investment management clients, but that doesn’t exist.  Thus I have to look to others for referrals of those who are dissatisfied with competitors in my business.

Over the last 100 posts, the economic/financial environment has turned from optimistic to pessimistic.  I haven’t changed much.  I still think there is more pain to come, where the big banks have to take losses.

I am more bullish now, but I am waiting for a turn in the momentum to get more aggressive.   With momentum so negative, I commit small amounts of capital to my best ideas as they fall, like my RGA piece yesterday.

With all that, I thank my readers for reading me.  You have a lot of things you can do with your time, and if you decide to read me, I am flattered.   I am grateful for any investing referrals.

Aside from that, I still enjoy blogging.  It is an opportunity to call out the powers that be and tell them they don’t know what they are doing.  Away from that, explain to people to avoid common scams.  I have a post coming on one of the scams soon.

I really enjoy writing for all of you.  I hope you enjoy my writing as much.