This Election Will Solve Nothing

When I look at the present choice between the two main parties, I am struck with how we are forced to choose between two fantasy worlds.  Romney thinks he can cut taxes further while we have record deficits.  I would be in favor of radically simplifying the tax code.  Bring back Reagan’s TRA ’86 — it was so simple that it starved those that made their living by gaming the tax code.  (Accountants, Actuaries, Attorneys — what is it with these “A” professions?)

Over the last 10 months, I have mentioned Romney in significant ways three times (aside from compilations of my Tweets):

Romney does not factor much into my thinking because:

  • I don’t know what he really believes.  His views have shifted a lot across many years, and in convenient ways.
  • His promises are not self-consistent.
  • Mormons are unusual, and most have distinct views on Israel and the US that make them rigid in their views.
  • If I worry about how a Catholic might respect the Pope, I worry more about how a Mormon respects the hierarchy in Salt Lake City.

But we know Obama, and his actions are at variance with his rhetoric.  He’s had only two significant piece of legislation passed during his term, and neither were good for the US:

  • Dodd-Frank: introduced  the bad concept of legislation via study.  Congress, dumb as it is, is supposed to analyze ideas for themselves, and not outsource analysis.
  • PPACA: Increases health care costs, destroys the ability to control costs.  Really dumb legislation could that only be passed because the rules of the Congress were ignored.

Neither bill was critical to what Americans wanted.  These were the actions of an ideologue that pursued his own misbegotten agenda.  I wrote four significant pieces regarding Obama, here they are:

Barack Obama is a rigid ideologue whose views are well known.  He also does not possess a lot of courage to push his views, aside from two pet projects.  I am genuinely surprised that no Democrats decided to oppose him in the primaries.

So, who do you vote for, the guy who has dumb ideas that are well-known, or the guy who you have no idea as to what he believes?  I say neither.  We need to create a third party to break the duopoly that is strangling US politics.  That is my main message to readers.