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Currency Wars


  • Battling the unknowns of currency devaluation | Reuters A tough game to play, particularly w/changed policy in Japan $$ Feb 09, 2013
  • This is what a currency war looks like Japan is leading the #currencywar by no longer sterilizing monetary policy $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • The Dark Side of Japan’s Creating Inflation Risk is interest rates rise and Japan can’t finance itself. #tippingpoint Feb 07, 2013
  • Japan Inc.’s appreciation of the yen’s depreciation Japanese stocks rally as their exports get relatively cheaper $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Falling yen set to spark renewed currency wars Japan has finally “thrown the hammer down.” No more sterilization $$ Feb 05, 2013




  • Dell’s largest outside shareholder thinks it’s worth $10 more a share – Quartz Let Southeastern et al bid 4 control $$ Feb 09, 2013
  • The Three Scariest Letters for Bondholders: L-B-O | Fox Business Note: junk bonds r protected from this, not invt grade Feb 09, 2013
  • New Worry for Bondholders: LBOs Company is cheap & has good Bal Sheet, it could LBO, harming current bondholders $$ Feb 04, 2013




  • Danger Seen in Pension Fund Cuts on Abe Inflation Guess what? Inflation can harm pensioners. Sad 4 them. $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Pension Funds Cut Back On Commodity Indexes Hoarding not a panacea, also, can get clipped on the roll $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • The Asset Mix (Stocks-Bonds) will make the Difference – 2 many Bonds Mr Abe? On pension asset allocation globally $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Baby Boomers Sicker Than Parents’ Generation, Study Finds Will live longer too; big reason to reshape Medicare $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • Americans Rip Up Retirement Plans Nearly 2/3rds of Those Between 45 & 60 Plan Delays, Steep Rise From 2 Yrs Ago $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • Low Rates Force Companies to Pour Cash Into Pensions Low long rates push pension liabilities higher, req $$ payment Feb 04, 2013


High Yield


  • US High Yield Bonds: HYG On the support In order 4 HY 2 rally from here, need dumb buyers 2 apply leverage $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • Fed’s Stein: Signs of Overheating in Credit Markets Junk yields less than in June 2007. Replace CDO bid w/Fed $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Two Things about High-Yield Bonds Investors Must Understand Today Low yields & spread relatives & high $$ prices Feb 07, 2013
  • A Mad Rush Could Be Coming In The Corporate Credit Markets Possible, but it depends on how levered investors are $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • No, there probably isn’t a bond bubble Misses key question: how much debt is being issued to acquire other debts? $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • US Higher Yield Bonds: A Corrective Update Corrections may be happening w/ both credit & high-quality long-duration $$ Feb 04, 2013



S&P Lawsuit


  • State Lawsuits Could Add to S&P Exposure Attorneys General for states become profit centers; opportunistic thieves Feb 07, 2013
  • Wrong: Levitt Says McGraw-Hill ‘Foolish’ to Not Settle S&P Lawsuit There’s a good chance that S&P will win, y give up Feb 07, 2013
  • S&P Lawsuit Undermined by SEC Rules That Impede Competition Will not be simple for the govt to win its case $$ #FTL Feb 07, 2013
  • S&P Lawsuit Portrays CDO Sellers as Duped Victims Stretching truth; CDO sellers knew credit better than agencies $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • S&P feels Justice’s lash, but can law ever conquer greed? Diffcult 2 single out people/firms 2 prosecute in big crisis Feb 05, 2013




  • Top NY court throws Travelers asbestos award into question Case started in 1948, when USF&G insured Western Asbestos Feb 08, 2013
  • Buffett’s Son Says He’s Prepared Whole Life for Berkshire Role As Chairman, Howard will be “cultural guardian.” $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • San Francisco Gasoline Rises as Tesoro Seen Cutting Rates It’s tough when state governments discourage refineries $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Bond insurers aren’t the only winners in Rakoff’s Flagstar ruling All can rely on reps & warranties of mtge origin8rs Feb 07, 2013
  • Berkshire-Insured Muni Sees Good Demand Nothing amazing; some $BRK.B businesses r part of the development borrowing Feb 07, 2013
  • Life Insurer CFOs Say Their Financial Models Fall Short: Survey Surprising, another reason 2b bearish on life ins Feb 07, 2013
  • BlackRock Cautious as Sales End Dollar Bond Rally: China Credit Questions over credit quality, maybe 2 much supply $$ Feb 04, 2013
  • Herbalife Drops After Report of Law-Enforcement Probe $HLF rises today. $$ Worries over being named “pyramid scheme” Feb 04, 2013
  • Was the AIG Rescue Legal? Of course not. Gov’t should not play favorites; emergencies b a DIP lender of last resort Feb 02, 2013


US Politics & Policy


  • House Speaker: Washington Has to Address Spending Yes it does, but will the Senate and President ratify that? $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Party Eyes ‘Red-State Model’ to Drive Republican Revival First balance budget on an accrual basis; no state does $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • House Leaders Weigh US Spending Bill Below $1T Good luck w/Senate & President on that, you will need it $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • Study Says States Lose Billions in Offshore Tax Avoidance Just an effect of federal tax policy, which needs change $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • The Fed’s Worst Fear Losing control of long interest rates; the bond market will eventually trump the Fed $$ Feb 04, 2013


Market Impact


  • Americans Are Tapping Into Home Equity Again Does this mean a return to the reckless equity withdrawals? Likely not $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • Banks Should Defer Bonuses for Up to 10 Years, Jenkins Says Better that banks become partnerships; creates caution Feb 08, 2013
  • Insiders now aggressively bearish Last Fri: sell-to-buy ratio for NYSE-listed shares listed stood at 9.20-to-1 $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • SP500 Complacent Divergence – Risk Factors Decelerating earnings growth threatens valuations. Econ surprises falling 2 Feb 08, 2013
  • Interdealer Brokers Emerge as Key Enablers in Libor Scandal & Them & Rain Man Tom Hayes $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • Schwab Unveils Game-Changing Commission-Free ETF Platform Part of the ETF’s fees go to $SCHW . No free lunch here $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • H-P Aside, Corporate Splits Are Wholly Worth Investors’ While Managements gain new focus; Behemoths lack true mgmt $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • U.S. to Offer Floating-Rate Notes Within a Year Money-market funds take heart; yield (w/spread duration risk!) $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Small lenders ride US mortgage wave as big banks cut back Interesting 2c little independent mortgage brokers return $$ Feb 04, 2013
  • America’s Baby Bust Heard on Radio C-SPAN yd  Economies don’t work well when popul shrinks $$ Feb 02, 2013


Rest of the World


  • Mind the Liquidity Gap – Credit Gap 3 factors: global monetary policy, global credit supply & global credit demand $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • German Hope French Despair and EU Rescue: PMIs Eurozone PMIs r rising, but economies r still contracting $$ #France Feb 07, 2013
  • Basel Seen Rotten in Denmark as Banks Bypassed Denmark has many covered mtge bonds; Basel doesn’t care much 4them $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Shades of ’80s for Japan’s Stocks What, Japanese stocks can go up after the demographic dividend has faded? Feb 07, 2013
  • Desperate Greeks scuffle at free food handout Total desperation. Democracy started there, and it may end there too $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Canadians back2borrowing: avg consumer debt hits new hi overall debt low | cred: evergreen Feb 07, 2013
  • Last tweet derives from this article I believe in freedom, and small biz capitalism, with equality 4 all. $$ Feb 06, 2013
  • We need Obama/Hollande 2create economic barriers average people can’t surmount, so the clever rich can get richer. Cynical, but true $$ Feb 06, 2013
  • ECB Executive Board Member Asmussen: ‘German Interest Rates Will Rise Again’ Thinks *real* interest rates will rise $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • Top Iranians Trade Barbs in Rare Public Feud Corruption is endemic to Iran; rare 4 the mafiosi 2 fink on each other Feb 05, 2013




  • An Insider’s Guide to Counterfeiting Wine – Businessweek 3 ways to counterfeit expensive wines & how to avoid them $$ Feb 09, 2013
  • Most Australian Wine Exports Ship in Giant Plastic Bladders “We don’t ship glass around the world, we ship wine.” $$ Feb 09, 2013
  • Super Bowl Blackout Caused by Faulty Relay, Entergy Says That was what I guessed; weak spot in many power grids $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • Asteroid to Traverse Earth’s Satellite Zone, NASA Says Interesting we only get one week’s notice on the near miss $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • What Abraham Lincoln Liked About Richard III Lincoln was Shakespeare buff; 1 controversial man’s thoughts on another Feb 08, 2013
  • Lease Surprise in Stuyvesant Town “clause that allows landlord to increase the rent in the middle of the lease” $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • Nine Questions for Peter Levine, Andreessen Horowitz’s Enterprise Dude How SDN commoditizes much special hardware $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • On Pins and Needles: Stylist Turns Ancient Hairdo Debate on Its Head Kinda of a quirky story, but interesting $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • ‘They Owe It to Me’: FBI Identifies Top Email Phrases Used by Fraudsters – Compliance Week Set up filters, compliance Feb 06, 2013
  • Legacy of Benjamin Graham: via @youtube In last minute, BG anticipates the Efficient Markets Hypothesis years ahead $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • Legacy of Benjamin Graham: via @youtube Fascinating video w/Buffett, Kahn (2), Schloss, & other students of his $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • US Construction Jobs – A very Constructive Story Construction jobs coming back, looks like a dead cat bounce $$ Feb 04, 2013
  • Sending electronic money to friends catching on Creating next great avenue 4 money laundering; cheap & convenient $$ Feb 04, 2013
  • Hitler Awakes in 2011 Berlin, Becomes YouTube Hero Hard 4 me 2 believe. Does humor have any limits anymore? Funny $$ Feb 04, 2013


Replies & Retweets

  • @dpinsen 16x deteriorating free cash flow @ $24/sh. There’s some bluster there. Wouldn’t want to be a bondholder here $DELL $$ Feb 08, 2013
  • Commented on StockTwits: Wait, I’m wrong. Didn’t look far enough — they have 8.5% of shares, but 7.5% of votes. Onl… Feb 08, 2013
  • Commented on StockTwits: Here: Feb 08, 2013
  • ‘ @ampressman Thanks, Aaron. Reading it now. Good stuff. SE recently bought more $$ $DELL Feb 08, 2013  (This tweet was wrong, SE has been a seller of $DELL shares, and even recently…)
  • Owns 7.5%, what could they b thinking? $$ RT @BloombergNews: BREAKING: Dell holder Southeastern Asset plans ‘All Options’ to stop deal Feb 08, 2013
  • Worth the read RT @cate_long: Is the U.S. growing, or just issuing debt? – #MuniLand Feb 08, 2013
  • Seems reasonable to me $$ RT @TFMkts: @AlephBlog the high yield market is on cusp of some stop losses getting triggered Feb 08, 2013
  • @GaelicTorus Did not know that, thanks Feb 08, 2013
  • Small caps +7% $$ RT @credittrader: Gentle Reminder Japan Nikkei 225 +0.75% YTD in USD Feb 07, 2013
  • @anatadmati Twitter is too small for this. Read: & Biggest problem isn’t capital, but liquidity $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • @Nonrelatedsense @credittrader Thanks, missed that Feb 07, 2013
  • @BlandDexter In a word, yes. Feb 07, 2013
  • @The_Analyst What floors me are professional investors that don’t read the prospectus the first time they analyze a new type of investment. Feb 07, 2013
  • @SapienQuis A lot of investment banks got pinned w/crud they could not sell whether due to secondary trading or origination Feb 07, 2013
  • @The_Analyst Yes, they did have staff. If u r a professional firm, you must independent vet out credit quality; ignore rating read writeup Feb 07, 2013
  • Well done! RT @jasonzweigwsj: 2 things about high-yield bonds investors should understand today, from @DavidSchawel $$ Feb 07, 2013
  • @anatadmati A better idea would be double liability, where mgmt & directors lose their capital before shareholders do. Change incentives Feb 07, 2013
  • @anatadmati At current margins, banks could not earn their cost of capital w/30% E/A. Banks & credit would shrink a lot -> crisis Feb 07, 2013
  • @DavidSchawel Where will it be? Feb 06, 2013
  • Bondholders will get badly hurt $$ RT @DougKass: HPQ mulling a break up. $HPQ Feb 05, 2013
  • It’s starting $$ RT @LisaCNBC: The Japanese are going to overdo it and create an inflation problem. #Yen will spike in 2013. @PeterSchiff Feb 05, 2013
  • @TFMkts People made absurd predictions about capital mkts off of the experience 1982-2000, culmination ing tech bubble / lost decade $$ Feb 05, 2013
  • Mersenne Primes RT @motokorich: Largest Prime Number Discovered, and it’s 17,425,170 digits long. via @sciam Feb 05, 2013
  • @TFMkts Would be interesting 2c a firm try that. The wind seems to still b blowing the wrong way there, w/discount rates so low. Feb 05, 2013
  • He was/is a bright guy $$ RT @munilass: Picking on S&P just isn’t as much fun without @EconOfContempt around. Feb 05, 2013
  • RT @LaurenLaCapra: “big exchanges therefore stand to gain tremendously from even a relatively small shift twd futures & away from sw … Feb 05, 2013
  • “I only want to add one thing: its not what pundits say that matters, it is what people rely on economically… $$ Feb 04, 2013
  • RT @moorehn: Pffft. MT @nycjim: Washington Post says it, too, was victim of hacking attack that appeared to originate in China. http://t … Feb 03, 2013
  • Good marketing kills bad ideas, people & products $$ RT @MattVATech: Marketing is never a substitute for substance. Feb 03, 2013
  • “Only if you think that by waiting a little while you might have higher yields to invest at. Can’t…” — David_Merkel $$ Feb 02, 2013
  • “Hi, KD… my bond mandate is unconstrained, so I just aim for total returns. Right now I am pretty…” $$ David_Merkel Feb 02, 2013



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