At the Towson University Investment Group’s International Market Summit, Part 1

Hello.  My busy time is over, and I am back to live blogging.  On Tuesday evening, I was one of five speakers at the Towson University Investment Group’s International Market Summit.  It was a fun time.  Before I came, there was a list of 29 questions we could be asked, in addition to Q&A.  As it was we were asked 6 of the questions in the main period, and 2 more in the Q&A.

I told the students at Towson that I would post a bunch of links to my blog for the questions asked that I have already answered.  I will probably do a second post for the questions I am competent to answer that did not get asked.

Anyway, here goes:

1        Give us a short summary of things that keep you up at night and worry you in today’s markets.

Too Many Par Claims versus Sub-Par Assets

2        How big of an impact do you see the unwinding of QE having on the US and global economy?  In the event of inflation, how will markets react?

Easy in, Hard out

3        Give us some insight on how you behaviorally reduce the impact that a volatile market has on your investing strategy?

The Portfolio Rules Work Together Rules 7 & 8 are particularly important for knowing when to sell.

4        Provide some tips to young investors starting out looking for both career and investment advice.

How Do I Find a Job in Finance?

How Do I Find a Job in Finance? (Part 2)

5        Should the current monetary policy of increasing the money supply be continued?

No. We should take losses and let the system reset.  Get the government out of the macroeconomics business.

6        Do you believe that High Frequency trading helps add liquidity in the market or that it distorts the market.

23,401 Auctions

391 Auctions

Other useful stuff that we discussed:

Buffett’s Career in Less Than 1000 Words

How to Become Super-Rich?

Hit the “Defer” Button, Thanks…

Winding Down the Eurozone

Aim for the Middle

That’s all for now.  I will follow this up, answering most of the questions not asked at the Towson University Investment Group’s International Market Summit.

More to come…