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Data Privacy


  • Many in Media Claim Bradley Manning’s Leaks Had Little Value—Here’s Why They’re So Wrong | The Nation Who knew? $$
  • Congress grills intelligence officials on data-gathering practices Issue doesn’t divide neatly by political party $$
  • Noonan: Privacy Isn’t All We’re Losing “…you can’t give up your own liberty and your own freedom.” $$
  • US Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms Not paranoid? That doesn’t mean they aren’t coming 2get u $$
  • How Rand Paul Can Take On the NSA We need to rethink the conditions under which the govt may do surveillance on us $$
  • Pardon Edward Snowden I support this petition at $$
  • US Relies on Spies for Hire to Sift Deluge of Intelligence I have many friends involved in this; they keep quiet $$
  • Booz Allen Grew Rich on Government Contracts Thus all the radio advertisements you hear if you live near DC $$
  • Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations Rare person who put US ahead of self $$


Rest of the World


  • Korean Tiger Moms Scrimp for Tutors in Blow to Spending The solution is home schooling, should it b legal in SK $$
  • Italian showdown with Germany over euro looms closer A halt2fiscal & monetary contraction, or full-blown reflation $$
  • Southern Europeans Flee to Germany: OECD If the jobs won’t come to the people, the people will go to the jobs $$
  • On Iran’s Inflation Bogey Iran’s inflation rate may be over 100%/year $$
  • What Abenomics tells us about the great bond market asset bubble Japan is a bug in search of a windshield $$
  • Consumer Price Inflation Slows in China & so does the rest of China’s economy, rebalancing will b painful $$
  • Denmark Seeks to Pass Too-Big-to-Fail Bank Laws in Parts SIx large financial companies will require more capital $$


Companies & Industries


  • Surge in US oil-by-rail suffers first slowdown as spreads slim Start of a new trend, or just a blip? $$ #blip #trend
  • Lampert Uses $393M in AutoNation for Redemptions Future historians will wonder why Lampert received attention $$
  • Comcast Is Turning Homes Into Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Gateway transmits 2signals; separate SSIDs 1 public, 1 private $$
  • Berkshire to Provide More Insurance Cost Details All of this data is already freely available, ask4statutory files $$
  • Cisco plans to double the speed of the Internet | FD:+ $CSCO Fascinating new technology will increase net capacity $$
  • Freeport Declares Force Majeure on Grasberg Copper Shipments Rare 2c Force Majeure invoked; reveals supply issues $$
  • Insurers Inflating Books, New York Regulator Says My response: How do I contact DealBook? $$
  • Insurers Inflating Books, New York Regulator Says Life insurers do this 2 strip out extra conservatism in reserves $$
  • A Rising Star Emerges at Berkshire Bright lady Tract Britt takes over David Sokol’s old role @ Berky $$ FD: + $BRK.B
  • Anglo American Miner Slogs Ahead in Brazil Rare people walk away from bad sunk costs; no walking away here $$ $AAUKY
  • Google to buy Waze for $1.3B Improves $GOOG ‘s maps capability, while denying the same asset to $AAPL & $FB $$


Market Impact


  • Price Benchmarks Said to Be Rigged in the Foreign Exchange Market Should not b surprised; humans try2rig markets $$
  • Regulators Question Banks on Business Lending Risks Perhaps regulators r being more active this credit cycle $$
  • US Banks Margin Under Tremendous Pressure Few safe places to lend at any significant spread over funding costs $$
  • Banks Get Reprieve on New Swaps Rule Get 2 more years 2 place derivatives in special subsidiary 4 close regulation $$
  • The trick to bank profits Sadly, reserves r not forward-looking but suffer from driving via the rearview mirror $$
  • Wrong: Interest Rates are Headed Higher. Are You Ready? This is a consensus view; global economy is weakening $$
  • Earnings Roundup: Second-quarter Earnings Guidance Among the Most Negative on Record Could mean positive surprises $$
  • Fear of Missing Out Sparks Covenant Light Lending; ‘Return of the Silly Season’ Credit cycle boom is getting late $$
  • These CDO Names Don’t Cry ‘Wolf’ Doesn’t matter *what* you call them, CDOs lever up credit risk til next bear mkt $$
  • Intelligent Investor: What’s Eating Munis? @jasonzweigwsj tells us 2 beware getting gouged on muni bond trading $$
  • Hulbert on Investing: Why ‘Boring’ Stocks Beat ‘Exciting’ Ones Long-term, low vol has been a winner. Short-term?? $$


Monetary Policy


  • Fed Likely to Push Back on Market Expectations of Rate Increase Gives the Fed 2much credit; they don’t have a clue $$
  • The Fed’s other trillion dollar problem Will b challenging 2 lower the amount of excess deposits @ the Fed $$
  • The Trapdoors at the Fed’s Exit by Nouriel Roubini Will b difficult 4 Fed 2 remove policy accommodation $$


US Politics & Policy


  • White House Aims to Loosen Grip on Government-Held Wireless Spectrum As it should b, govt has 2much spectrum $$
  • Camp Warns Against Cap on Charitable Break in Tax Rewrite Private charity can do things govt can’t &more effective $$
  • FCC hopes to avoid ‘end of world’ for cell phones Allocation of more bandwidth 2 mobile data would help $$
  • Urgency on debt issue fades, but underlying danger remains W/deficit declining, the need to agree declines as well $$




  • Larry Ellison’s Fantasy Island Lanai benefits from the benevolent dictatorship of Larry Ellison $$
  • Blimps Morph Into Cargo Haulers as Maker Sees Revolution Engineered concept of variable buoyancy; goes up/down $$
  • Hire Economics: Why Applying to Jobs Is a Waste of Time Networking is more important than job boards, etc. $$
  • Drinking Water Runs Low as Drought Drags On Weather isn’t fully random; correlated in short-run, thus droughts $$


Comments, Replies & Retweets


  • @dpinsen Pipelines – high fixed, low variable costs. Railcars – high variable, low fixed costs. Getting pipelines over mountains is tough
  • @Undertherock3 I’m a skeptic on $GNW. I don’t trust their reserving, underwriting, etc. Low ROE justifies the low P/B.
  • @Undertherock3 Are you talking about Genworth? $GNW
  • @AlephBlog The best is “there is no way to get rich quick (eg Kyosaki). Snake oil salesman will always exist, learn to identify them & avoid
  • “This deal will get done after it is sweetened a little” — Merkel $$ $DOLE DeJa Vu: Murdock Wants to Go Private Again