On Blogging Long-Term (Post 2200)

When I started blogging in February 2007, I did not know that I would be able to write on new topics for so long.  But I committed to writing two short posts a night initially, which became one long post per night, excluding the Sabbath.

I have admiration for many of the long-term bloggers who churn out content regularly.  It takes effort.  It’s not easy to come up with fresh content on a regular basis.  My well is not dry, but sometimes I wonder.  Still, I have the following when things seem dull:

Much as I have non-consensus views on many matters, it is not my goal to write about those views all of the time.  I want to teach people about investing, and get them to avoid many of the traps that are common in the markets.

I try to write about a wide number of issues in the markets, both hot and cold, private and public.  My goals is to create skeptical investors that invest in valuable investments after doing sufficient research.

Much as I have become a better writer through blogging, that was not my goal in writing here or at RealMoney.  It is my goal to educate.  I want people to make better decisions, and avoid the scammers who push illiquid investments.  If an investment is illiquid, it deserves three times the scrutiny as to its value.

Avoid investments that lock up your funds.  I have two of them, one an incredible success, and one a horrible loss. On net, I have won, but I wish I had not invested in the loser.  Hindsight is 20/20 — could I have seen it in advance?  No.  Nor could I have seen the incredible turnaround in the other investment, which is now distributing 30%/year.

I like writing for my audience.  And thanks for reading me.  I am open to allowing a simpler commenting system.  If that is something you would like, please let me know.  In the past, I have been reluctant to do that because many comments on the internet are low value.  But if you want me to loosen up comments, let me know.