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The Good ETF, Part 2 (sort of)

About 4.5 years ago, I wrote a short piece called The Good ETF.  I’ll quote the summary: Good ETFs are: Small compared to the pool that they fish in Follow broad themes Do not rely on irreplicable assets Storable, they do not require a “roll” or some replication strategy. Not affected by unexpected credit events. Liquid […]

The 54th

This is a little different.  Those who have read me for a long time know that I have a large family — eight children, with five adopted African-American children.  We also homeschool in the great State of Maryland, which, for all of its liberalism (so blue that it is indistinguishable from indigo) is actually quite […]

Three Long Articles on Three Big Failures

If you have time, there are two long articles that are worth a read.  The first is from the Washington Post, and deals with the demise of AIG, highlighting the role of AIG Financial Products.  It was written in three parts — one, two, and three, corresponding to three phases: Growth of a clever enterprise, […]

The Credit Crunch at Play

(graphic obtained here, by enrevanche) I’ve subscribed to The Economist for 22 years.  IN my opinion, it is the best English language newsweekly in the world.  Every now and then they toss a game into the magazine.  This time, the Internet aids the game, in that you can download cards, money, pieces, and rules. This […]

Debt and Sweat

Ordinarily, when I sit down top blog, I know what I want to write.  That’s not true now.  Yes, I could do a few book reviews.  I have six books read, and ready to go, but given the volatility of the markets, I feel I have to say something about the current activity. I am […]