Monthly Archives: February 2011

Critical Analysis of Buffett’s Annual Letter

I’ve written a lot about Buffett over the years.  I think this is the eighth shareholder letter that I have written about.  I have the unique perspective of being both an actuary and a value investor.  I get what Buffett is doing, though by no means am I his equal.  This is a commentary on […]

Problems with Constant Compound Interest (5)

This is a continuation of an irregular series which you can find here.  Maybe if I were more scientific, I would have called it “All Exponential Growth Processes Run Into Constraints and Threats,” or if I were more poetic, “Nothing Lasts Forever — Nothing Grows to the Sky.” Regardless, simple modeling is the bane of […]

On the Percentage of Market Cap held by Domestic Stock ETFs

I don’t have all the resources that I would want in order to do complex analyses.  Give me the database, and the right software, and I can do amazing things. Even with limited data, and cruddy software, I still have something interesting this evening.  On January 21st, I made measurements of domestic equity ETFs to […]


To my readers: I have not been feeling well over the last week.  Ordinarily, I feel quite healthy, and I am grateful to God for the general health I have had over the last 10 years.  But this sickness has made it difficult for me to concentrate, headaches, etc.  Haven’t had headaches in a long […]